V76 by Vaughn TEX Texture Paste Review

Video review here: http://youtu.be/YjDnAT6509c

I never use texture pastes. It’s not for me, and it’s absolutely not for my hair. I have extremely straight and fine hair…my messy look is…well…still extremely straight and fine hair.

So, for this review…I decided to continue and try to style a pompadour as we define it here. It worked ehhhh, so I’ll probably have Harrison or someone else try this product out later on. I can very easily see somehow with thick and/or curly hair doing some beautiful work with it.

This is the product. Comes in the same 1.7 oz. jar as the rest of the V76 by Vaughn line, but this time, with a different color and label to distinguish. Opening it up, we see a grayish neutral looking product that scoops out like a dry-ish cream. It has the same masculine musk scent, which I’ve become so damn fond of.


This product is most directly comparable to Blind Barber 90 Proof in most aspects — from application, texture, and performance. TEX is much easier to apply. If you guys can remember from the Blind Barber review, it was literally the worst experience I’ve ever had applying a product. This one was very easy, and you’ll notice it right away — this stuff separates your hairs. 


Time. It took me an average amount of time to style my hair even though it wasn’t meant for this type of use. 

Slickness. Like I said, you’ll notice how it separates your hair right away. There will not be any clumping of the hairs. However, this also goes against our need for the product to keep all the stray hairs together and the pomp as one. If I could style a loose pompadour, I would be beastin’ it with this stuff.

Strength. It actually have respectable strength. As you’ll notice in the pictures, I was able to style a moderately tall pomp. No doubt about that. Keeping it together is the issue.


All-in-all, it was a good product but not for my hair and style. If I had the hair for it, I would be ALL OVER this product…but sadly, this is the downside of having super straight and fine hair.

For more information on TEX Texture Paste, look over here on the V76 website.