V76 Molding Paste Review

Video review here: http://youtu.be/YREiLLtzhwI

I never liked fiber pomades/pastes/creams/products and I’m still very eehhh about them. It’s not to say they’re a bad category of products, not at all. They can be used correctly and incorporated into a legit hairdo. However, I believe they are more useful to someone who has thicker hair that is curly or has some wave to it. I’ll likely have Harrison follow up on me to review this product. This is the first time we’re looking at a fiber pomade on this blog. In other words, this is the first time I’ve allowed a fiber pomade/cream/product to be showcased on this blog. They’re not meant to style the pompadour in the same sense that we’re familiar with. I’ll talk more about this.

This written review will not only serve as an independent review in itself, but also a supplement to the video review.

As you guys better be able to recall, we looked at V Rated Natural Wax last week and straight up…it was effing amazing. Literally. No Joke. So, we’re now looking at their other styling products (and more to come in the future). This is their Molding Paste.

It is advertised as a microfiber paste with high memory characteristics — offering the user strong styling capabilities while maintaining flexibility and moisture in the hair.

V76 Molding Paste jar

The paste comes in a 1.7 oz. jar. Exactly the same as the V Rated Natural Wax, but with a different label. Opening it up, it is actually a very visually pleasing cream. The shine and color of the paste is beautiful.

It’s texture is really nice. The way it feels reminds me of a lotion, kinda like a hybrid between Layrite Super Shine and Anchors Teddy Boy Matte. As for the scent, it is consistent with the rest of the V76 line, which I’ve been unexpectedly very happy with — a nice masculine musk.

V76 Molding Paste texture


As I hinted to before, this product is very different from what we’re used to working with — its in the nature of the advantages and disadvantages of using fiber products. People typically use it to do that whole I want to look like I don’t try, but I actually try very hard.

They way to approach this product is different and you’ll notice yourself adapting to it while styling. It’s VERY VERY similar to Blind Barber 90 Proof — definitely a step above though.

When you scoop it out, it’s like a lotion. Once you start aggravating it in your hands, you’ll notice it getting really tough and sticky almost immediately. Thus, it’s important to apply it to your hair while damp and in little amounts at a time.


Time. It took a lil more than average to style my hair, but that may have been mostly to readjust after my haircut. Either way, most of time spent was trying to form the pomp in a sturdy manner. As you noticed in the video, the pomp was started to come apart during the video (that’s the downside of doing reviews without glasses, I can’t see everything).

Slickness. Fiber pomades are never slick products. This category doesn’t apply well to these types of products, but still…this product did a much better job than Blind Barber 90 Proof to keep all my hairs together. 

Strength. This product was definitely stronger than V Rated Natural Wax, but it didn’t give me more control. Yet, this may be in the nature of a fiber product which is supposed to give a natural look to your hair by not giving you as much control.

V76 Molding Paste pomp
V76 Molding Paste shine
V76 Molding Paste part


At the end of the day, I’ve tried a few fiber pomades or at least, ones that go for the same…’style’. V76 Molding Paste has been the only one that I felt was good enough to still showcase on this blog. I guess the next step would be to give Imperial Fiber Pomade a try to see how it compares to this product.

Molding paste is capable of independent use; however, for me, I’ve found it’s true calling in cocktailing with other products. Because the nature of a fiber product provides unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio, mixing in a slicker and waxy product into the pomp will allow a beautiful pomp. As for my low taper sides, throw in a strong water-based to force it down and the two products will help to keep it down the rest of the day.

The pictures above are a result of this work.

For more information about Molding Paste from V76 by Vaughn, take a look at their site. And also, don’t forget to look at V Rated Natural Wax. It’s not to be overlooked.