Anchors Teddy Boy Slick Pomade Review

Video review here:

I felt the need to try out the entire line by Anchors Hair Company after trying their Shape Maker/Teddy Boy Original. I figured that they’ll have a simple and clean oil-based to accent their market-changing water-based products. And boom….I was right. This product is just like O’Douds to be perfectly honest — some real smooth grease.

So this is the pomade. It comes in the same style/theme as the rest of the Anchors line. This jar specifically is their smaller of the two sizes. It’s available in two options: 2.6 oz. and 4.5 oz. 

Opening it up, the pomade looks smooth as hell. Just look at the picture. LOOK AT THAT. Quite beautiful. It has a nice minty scent that is common among the updated line. 


Forreal. This stuff is creamy. scoops out real nice and will spread through your hair without any trouble at all.


Time. Oil-based products, though they sometimes don’t provide the same hold as water-based products, they are predictable. This allows them to give the user more control and cut down styling time.

Slickness. Just look at the hair dude. Shine. No strays. Clean as fuh.

Strength. It’s a halfway between medium and light. 


Overall. It’s a standard oil-based product but very nice and smooth. It probably won’t control/straighten our your curls, BUT it will accent whatever natural characteristics already existing in your hair.

For more information about Anchors Teddy Boy Slick, lookie here.