Crown Pomade Black Review

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It’s time for another revisit, but not to just any pomade…it’s THE first homebrew I ever reviewed for this blog. Coming all the way from Australia, allow me to present to you, Crown Pomade Black.

Crown Pomade Black jar

The black variation of this pomade comes in the gold-tone can as you can see. The natural-colored variation comes in a silver-tone can. It like a simple and clean shield logo on the top and ingredients along with other shit on the back. This is huge upgrade from when we were just looking at his sampler…that was the ghetto glass plug-jar-thingy.


This is also a big step up from the sampler. This one has a nice and sweet cherry vanilla type of smell. Thankfully, it’s not a tacky or overly sugary scent like what we typically see. It a smooth aroma that does well to remain moderate and not overpower your nose.

Crown Pomade Black texture


The pomade actually has a very balanced feel to it. Like…some oil-based pomades can feel really soft and greasy like Royal Crown or hard and waxy like a jar of Grandad’s. It a nice in-between. Tough to the touch but will shed away under pressure.


It applies like a Grandad’s Old Fashioned Original (Medium). It’s definitely a waxy pomade without a doubt, but it’s not enough to harm how easy it is to apply.


The pomade is about average slickness for an oil-based pomade. The was here is a bit sticky in comparison to the dry waxiness of Grandad’s. The majority of your hair will flow all back in one, but if you’re careless, you will get strays.


The shine is also good. Right where I prefer it on an average day, not too much and not too little.


I would categorize this goop as a medium-heavy. Strong enough to style a good pomp, but not too much to overpower your hair. Whether it can tame curls and waves though? I don’t know…

Crown Pomade Black pomp
Crown Pomade Black shine
Crown Pomade Black part


It did well to fare the entire day. And actually, it is easier to style my pomp halfway through the day than to style it right when I apply the pomade. The wax seems to settle and lose its stickiness after some time. This some settling is not to be confused with hardening like a water-based pomade or gel. However, it does help to keep the hair in place throughout the day.


Like I just mentioned before, it is easier to style the pomade after some time.

Crown Pomade Black final pomp
Crown Pomade Black final shine
Crown Pomade Black final part


Crown Pomade receives my seal of approval. That’s already been understood from the original review and it’s good to see that the pomade has become an established product in Australia. It’s a good and balanced oil-based pomade…it’s not often you come across people offering black variations. This is important and a huge advantage for people like me with black hair. Can’t fux wit dat white shit.

For more information on Crown Pomade, check out their Etsy here.