Grandad's Heavy Weight Hair Pomade Review

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As you guys already know, I typically have no taste for heavy pomades and all their waxiness. The two main reason is that one, my hair is very fine and doesn’t do well with thick/heavy/strong products. Second, heavy pomades exceed the need for strength with my hair which prevents me from combing a natural/spherical pompadour.

And because of these reasons, Grandad’s has shown itself to be an exception and of my liking.

Grandad's Heavy Weight Hair Pomade - jar

As shown above, the pomade is packaged not too different from the original Grandad’s which is there Old-Fashioned aka medium hold. It comes in the same brown glass 4oz. jar but with a black plastic twist-top and ‘HEAVY WEIGHT’ distinction on the label.

I wanted to get the entire set of Grandad’s in their peppermint scent BUT for YOU guys…I decided to get whatever scent Grandad’s normally puts in with each hold variation. The pine scent is not the pine aroma you get when running through a moonlight forest with the wolves. It’s a spicy pine, like sitting my a cabin fire burning dem pine needles. Some people like it. Some people don’t. I’m fine with it. But remember, you always have the option of choosing your own scent at no extra cost when buying directly from Grandad’s. Notice the strikethrough, I thought it was pine scent, but I had mixed up the heavy’s scent and light. It’s actually pipe tobacco, so it all makes sense now.


The application process was SO much better and smoother than any other true heavy hold I’ve tried. I specifically say true because yeah, TIS Firm Hold was as easy to apply…but it’s strength was only on par with Grandad’s medium hold. Taking it out of the jar and smearing it in the hands is more strenuous than the original; however, it ain’t bad at all. It doesn’t get as buttery as the original, yet it still smears into a very workable consistency.

This made it a lot easier to apply into my hair. The ratio of product strength and ease of application was exceptional.


Time. Boom pow muthafuckin’ done. This is the advantage of oil-based products: strength & malleability. Plus, build up from the day(s) before literally allows you to style in five minutes or less.

Slickness. Just look at the pictures below. I typically hate heavy products for not having the ‘slickness’ characteristic. Grandad’s heavy does a great job of holding all the hairs together and in place. Shitty ass heavy pomades such as AGS Co. Heavy Pomade are too wax heavy which takes away significantly from its ‘slickness’ factor.

Strength. Yes. This thing is stronger…much stronger than the original/medium variation. It can tame my current hair which is very much in need of a cut (~9-10 inches)…it can tame yours.

Grandad's Heavy Weight Hair Pomade - pomp
Grandad's Heavy Weight Hair Pomade - pomp top
Grandad's Heavy Weight Hair Pomade - pomp part
Grandad's Heavy Weight Hair Pomade - pomp slickness


This is the finest heavy weight pomade I’ve tried to date. I love it. I hate heavy pomade but Grandad’s Heavy Weight addresses all the issues I previously found with other products. 

It not only receives my mark of approval but also, receives my recommendation.

Buy directly from Bryce of Grandad’s Old-Fashioned Pomades.