JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine Review

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/I1dWl-CZjHI

JS Sloane runs a pretty tight shift. When you see any run a review sponsored by the company itself, you have to take it with some (actually, a lot) of skepticism. They don’t allow not-positive reviews to be published and so, with the help of some other sponsors this time, let’s get an honest review of JS Sloane.

Last time we looked at JS Sloane, we were eeehhh impressed. Not really…rather, our interested was peeked — slightly.

JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine jar

This is JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine. It comes in literally the same exact jar as the other products with the exception of a name change. Same brown-tinted, 4 oz. jar. 


The scent is the same exact scent as with the mediumweight brilliantine. It’s a floral type of scent and with tinge of tangy and sweetness. Definitely bordering the line between a feminine and masculine scent.

JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine texture


It feels like you’re scooping out some stale ass honey. We’ve seen a few other water-based pomades like this such as Slick Devil and Bona Fide Fiber. As cool as this is that it’s different, this makes it a hassel to work with in the next category.


The texture turns it into a thick, sticky paste to work with. This, in turn, gives you all that hair-ripping goodness. 


It ain’t slick. The stickiness, at first, can capture all the hairs, but once this sucker dries, all the frays start. It’s definitely do NOT touch after it dries. Even if you do have a water source, I wouldn’t suggest it.


Even with the mica crystals, it has the same shine as Bona Fide Fiber. None.


Though it is only a slight notch above the mediumweight in terms of hold, the pomade provides more than enough hold. It’s a very different type of hold from a standard water-based. It’s not wet. It’s pasty and shit.

JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine pomp
JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine shine
JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine part


It did well here. JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine obviously couldn’t perfectly prevent any sort of sagging, but nevertheless, my pomp was still adequate to walk around in public by the end of the day.


Oh yeah. It hardened.


Almost non-existent and even with a source of water, JS Sloane really loses most of its strength if agitated after its dry.

JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine final hold
JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine final pomp
JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine final part


JS Sloane has its upsides: good strength and endurance. This is good enough to make it a usable product. But, are we only looking for a product that works? That’s easy and will only satisfy a basic b. 

For more information on this product, check it out here for yourself and see what you think of it.