Lucky Tiger Cru Butch Review

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The brand, Lucky Tiger, has been around for a long time and one of those brands that your dad will remember from back in the day. Speaking to some of the dudes who knew it from that time, the brands headed downhill with the modernization of classic hair products. For us, there’s obviously no difference…we’re not old enough to know, but this is a common trend.

With that said, let’s go ahead delve in and look at Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch.

Lucky Tiger Cru Butch jar

According to the manufacturers, this product is intended to help shape short-style haircuts and buzzcuts. Weird. I never knew those even needed product..but according to the makers, it’s also supposed to be capable of styling the pompadour. 

It comes in a clear plastic, 3.5oz. jar with the traditional lucky tiger branding all over. Same feel. Same look. Same aura as its other products.


Honestly, if I had not read the ingredients and knew they put in some fragrance, then I would’ve said that this product doesn’t have one. It smells like almost nothing. Maybe…maybe a small hint of floral-ness…but in all honesty, it’s nothing.

Lucky Tiger Cru Butch texture


It’s got a pretty waxy texture that’s reminiscent of Dax Green & Gold (G&G). You’ll notice the pomade sheds away in a waxy manner and mediumweight in texture.


This pomade applies like a medium-light type of goop. Pretty easy to work with and not a hassle to any extent at all. 


I didn’t have any stray hairs at all when using this pomade. It’s still a pretty waxy pomade, but the goop has a greasy stickiness to it. This keeps everything together, but also has a downside when it comes to the endurance of the pomade — how it does throughout the day.


For such a ‘traditional’ product, I was expecting a pomade with much more shine. But of course, more shine isn’t always better and Cru-Butch also did well to provide a moderate amount of shine.


Definitely a medium hold. It’s kinda like the Black & White hair dressing with the additional waxiness of something like Grandad’s. I think the best way to describe is a midway between B&W and Dax G&G.

Lucky Tiger Cru Butch pomp
Lucky Tiger Cru Butch shine
Lucky Tiger Cru Butch part


Like I said, this product is pretty damn sticky and in a manner that makes it slick. But over time, the hair shifts and moves throughout the day. Once it comes into contact with each other, they stick. After happening over and over, the hair starts to clump up.


The pomade, like any oil-based, stays malleable and easy to work with. It’s not as temperature sensitive as Doc Elliott, but will soften up in hot weather.

Quality of Build-up

Not good. It’s a pretty greasy build-up despite the waxiness of the pomade.

Lucky Tiger Cru Butch final pomp
Lucky Tiger Cru Butch final shine
Lucky Tiger Cru Butch final pomp part


The pomade is good in performance, but nothing special worthy of distinction. It’s a traditional product and yay…it works. But…are we just looking for a pomade that works? If so, that game has been finished long ago. We’re looking for amazing products and offer something unique. 

For more information on Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch, check it out here.