O'Douds Heavy HOld Pomade Review

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/gtuB1zCjlTA

Watch the video. I’m able to finally get back to the old format (kinda) and at least, be able to style my hair partly in front of you guys — really show what this products all about.

Anyways, allow me to formally introduce you to O’Douds Heavy Hold all natural and vegan hair pomade. It’s a great product coming in from Clayton that provides good hold while not being too overly waxy or overbearing.

As you guys should already know, I had a chance to meet up with Edwin (PompsNotDead) and Clayton (O’Douds) today. This also gave me a chance to really talk with Clayton through the process of developing his line and specifically, this heavy hold.

Like with any other of his products in the O’Douds line-up, we have the iconic logo. Same clean packaging as before and a new change in the banner to designate the heavy hold.

Now, O’Douds is true to the core about being all-natural. Thus, it is scented with essential oils (stupid me, forgot what this one was specifically). It’s different from both the light and original, this one has a lil more spice to it. I like it. Side note: mix it with Type 550 pomade and you have the most killer aroma combo…ever.


Clayton went through a lot of trouble to get this one right. If you notice with many heavy pomades, there tends me to resilient fragments of wax that just don’t wanna smear. This is not an issue with O’Douds. EVEN AS A HEAVY, this shit smears into a super buttery paste.

Goon Grease may be easier to scoop out of the jar, but O’Douds Heavy Hold is actually easier to apply. Interesting. Also, combing through it was an unexpected breeze. It’s definitely a heavy hold pomade, but I really appreciate how it can still be styled with ease.


Time. It’s still a traditional, heavy, oil-based pomade…that makes it predictable and simple to use. Being so really helps to shave down styling time.

Slickness. Dammit. I didn’t think of it until now. This pomade is a vegan, all-natural version of Goon Grease. And so, this stuff is heavy yet slick as hell. I definitely had shine throughout the whole day and no strays.

Strength. The hold this product provides is a step down from Grandad’s Heavyweight, but the control is more thanks to its slickness. Clayton actually has curly hair, and so, he’s designed this product to tame. It will tame your unruly hair. 


This is why I fuh wit hombrewers. They put love into their work and stand behind it. Boom. Seal of approval.

In short, this is a heavy that provides good hold, great control, and still gives you good shine. It is rare that a heavy pomade can do this. O’Douds Heavy Hold and Goon Grease stand alone right now. 

For more information, check O’Douds Heavy Hold out here.