O'Douds Original Pomade Review

Video review here: http://youtu.be/Kp2pVSW9058

This ish is new. Like…just came out last week new, but it’s be through many iterations. The brewer was careful to refine refine refine before its final release. So, let me introduce you to O’Douds Original Pomade — an all-natural, vegan, oil-based hair pomade.

As you can see in the photo below, it comes in a nice brown glass jar with branding only on the face. They ended up hiring an artist to create the branding/logo, which I FULLY SUPPORT. The logo is the face of the brand. It’s the face of the product. Given that you all read this blog, you all must care about your appearance. The appearance of a product is just as important as its actual performance. Clayton (the dude of O’Douds) made the right decision.

O'Douds Original Pomade jar

Alright. This has nothing to do with the pomade review in a way, but effing look at how nicely poured this jar was. DAMN! Have you EVER seen a more beautiful picture of a pomade jar? Not a single crack. No spillage. Straight up clean as fuhhhhhh. 

So, my initial thoughts. As a vegan product, I thought that by using this product…I would be making a few sacrifices. What I mean is that the act of using vegan wax alternatives and what not is an alternative and therefore, inferior to what it is alternative to. But of course, like many other times, I was wrong.

O'Douds Original Pomade texture

It had a very nice texture to it. A mid way between Grandad’s Old Fashioned (medium) and Light Weight — with the exception that it was like…puddy. So, scooping it out took some firmness with the finger and once you spread it in your hands, it melts. It straight up melts. I’m glad this is starting to become more and more commonplace among home-brews. This is how it should be.

Also, the smell is very very strong. I’ve described it as a lavender scent, and I can dig it. However, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry but you’re gunna have issues while you’re in enclosed spaces. Once you go outside, it lightens up a lot. As a side note, I have spoken with Clayton, and he’s in the process of toning down and refining the scent.


As I mentioned before, this stuff will straight up melt in your hands once you start smearing it in your hands. That made it easier to apply, but definitely, it had some grip once it got in the hair. It reminded me like Lockhart’s Goon Grease because it was creamy in the hands, but the wax came out as it was applied into the hair. Because of this, I expected some good hold from the product. 


Time. This product started becoming real slick once I started to comb it through my hair. The good ‘ol greasiness of the pomades made gathering and throwing the hair around an easy job. You’ll notice in the video that I didn’t have the opportunity as before to cut the video at certain parts. Thus, what you saw was the entire process to style my hair. Even with all the talking…that was pretty damn fast.

Slickness. Yes. O’Douds is some slick ass stuff. Trust, I’ve seen myself in the mirror throughout the day and literally, you’ll have this shiny and slick pomp all day. You’ll have to re-comb occasionally, but the shine ain’t going no where. It’s a very nice look. Overall slickness is probably the most prominent characteristic of O’Douds.

Strength. Viddy down at the pics and you’ll see. The pomade will FEEL like it’s very susceptible to heat, but it’s fared well from what I’ve put it through. I had hold throughout the day, and only had to fix my DA which comes into frequent conflict with my collars. The strength it offers is a slight step up from The Iron Society.

O'Douds Original Pomade pomp
O'Douds Original Pomade part


Straight up. O’Douds Original Pomade is another quality homebrew that should be on your list to try out. The direction of the homebrew community is very good right now. Thankfully, it seems to be really pushing out the old super-waxy pomades that dominated last year in exchange for more refined and balanced pomades. What I mean is…as more pomades becomes available to us from homebrewers who are not die-hard rockabilly/psychobilly subculture inhabitants…we start seeing pomades that focuses on well-crafted balance of characteristics. The pomades are now attractive to the everyday man that is aware of his appearance.

O’Douds Original Pomade, despite only releasing a week or two ago, already receives my seal of approval without a doubt. I had always been skeptical to try out a vegan pomade, but now, this product’s proven me wrong to have worried. It may be possible that the vegan ‘alternative’ is better than the original. 

The best description of O’Douds is that it’s clean. Clean appearance. Clean smell. Clean look (for you). Cleans out after like 2-3 showers.

Check out the goop here at Clayton’s Etsy!