Pomps Not Dead OG Review

Video review here: http://youtu.be/_Kzlsv-LBr0

Almost a year ago…when this blog first started off and before it blew up, a dude named Edwin Carson approached me. He was like, “Yo. You should check out my pomade. I really think it’s what you’re looking for.” I was preoccupied with other things at the time, so I didn’t bite. And damn….I regret not taking his advice. This goop just became my new go-to medium-weight pomade.

So, this is the original pomade from Pomps Not Dead (PND). It’s handmade and hand-poured in Houston, TX. It comes in a matte tin can with a press top. Wood decal adhered all around the body and cap with the branding on the front. Now, I seen this jar and the other stuff Edwin sells…overall, I like his design mindset and style. Honestly, it reeks of southern California, which makes me wonder what he’s doing in Houston. You’ll also notice that the cap has a cutout covered with transparent plastic which allows one to see into the jar. 

Pomps Not Dead OG jar

You’ll see the goop itself has a natural gray-brownish color. Some of you may be all like, “That looks gross, where my bright red and yellows at?” Then again, you’re probably wearing colored chinos. But that’s for another conversation. What you need to know is that I appreciate this natural color. Plus, it’s much nicer with its darker tone for my black hair.

Now, let’s talk about the smell. Allow us to speak of the amazing smell! But first…lemme say something. I grow tired of all these ‘novelty’ smelling pomades. It’s like, “Oh that’s cool. My pomade smells like coconut macroons,” or “Oooo, this smells like an apple pie.” Forreal. It’s cool and shit the first few times, but after a while…I just want a clean, masculine, and fresh scent in my pomade. And thus, my dreams for such a product has been manifested in PND. It has a cool coconut scent. To better describe it, it has a very VERY slight hint of coconut with a following aroma that is fresh and gives a cool sensation to the nose, yet it’s not to be confused with a mint sensation.

Pomps Not Dead OG texture


Buttery. Creamy. Goodness. Only Lockhart’s Goon Grease is comparable in terms of softness when scooping it out of the jar. The application itself is like the Lockhart’s Light Hold pomade. Basically, you won’t believe until you try it yourself…but it straight up applies like a butter. The wax is present as my beautiful finished hair will suggest. But you will not experience the struggles of its existence while applying the pomade. Just watch the video and see for yourself.


Time. PND gives you good hold, but what it is best at providing the user is control. Control is far more important than any other characteristics of a pomade. And with the control this pomade provides…given that the product has been applied, I can probably style my hair in about two-three minutes easily.

Slickness. This is slick stuff. The way it hold my hair in position is not based on wax…or at least, it doesn’t feel like a wax. It just feels like well-greased hair. And that lends to some true slickness. Just look at the hair.

Strength. Last of all, strength and hold. No waxy feel yet all the strength I need. Wow. I don’t know what to say. Just look at the pictures dude.

Pomps Not Dead OG pomp
Pomps Not Dead OG top shine
Pomps Not Dead OG top pomp
Pomps Not Dead OG part


I’m not gunna over embellish this statement…

Pomps Not Dead Original pomade is my new go-to medium-weight pomade. I love it.

Check out his facebook here. As far as I’m aware, it is the only place to buy his pomade online. It’s not available on Etsy. It’s not available via any pomade retailer. Message him on Facebook and you’ll get your hands on the goodness here.