Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade Review

Video review here:

A week or two…or three…ago, you guys should remember that I reviewed Schorem’s Reuzel Water Soluble High Sheen. Now, it’s time to take a look at its oil-based counterpart, Reuzel Grease Medium Hold.

Of the two, I’ve been a lot happier using this one versus the water-based. This pomade can literally be summed up as a mediumweight version of Lockhart’s Goon Grease. 

Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade jar

The jar is exactly the same as Reuzel water-based but with an aqua-green background. Same size. Same design. Just a change in labeling to designate that this is the oil-based variation. 

The smell is probably the strangest part of this pomade. Not because it’s bad but I just can’t put my finger on what it is. I think its some sort of fruity apple type of thing and it reminds of something you’d find at Bath & Body Works…but other people I had smell it disagree. So, whatever…it’s some apple-y stuff.

Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade texture


Like I said before that this stuff is like Goon Grease, Reuzel Grease scoops out just like it. Upon initial contact, it is a lil tough. But once you start pushing, the product immediately starts to give way and becomes smooth as fuhhh. Smearing it in the hands, it becomes all buttery and what not.

Then applying it to your hair is all good. You will not have an issue at all. 


Time. It was relatively easy and quick to style with this product. Reuzel provides a moderate balance between hold and control which makes its performance predictable. 

Slickness. Look at the video. That shit looks niceeee.

Strength. The hold it provides is just an hybrid between Grandad’s Lightweight and Lockhart’s Medium. 

Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade pomp
Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade shine
Reuzel Grease Medium Hold Pomade part


Honestly, I don’t know what to say about the product. Just watch the video and look at the pictures…my hair is effing beautiful. It’s a good product that is definitely one of the better products that truly embody the concept of a mediumweight pomade.

For more information on the product, check it here.