Rustin Classic Hold Pomade Review

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A week or two back, I was contacted by a pair of friends (Austin and Rocky) who were in the beginning stages of releasing their new homebrew. Being friends of the makers of O’Douds and Pomps Not Dead, they got in touch with me and so, we’ll be looking at Rustin Classic Hold pomade.  

Rustin Classic Hold Pomade jar

I believe they’re in the process of redesigning their brand, logo, and jar…but we’ll still go ahead and take a look at how the product is presented. I think it’s still worthwhile to put in some consideration. I believe we should also expect new renditions of this pomade from them in a future…because as a new brand, they’ll be in constant change — formula, logo, branding, etc. It’s a pretty simple jar with text being the only component of this design.


The closest thing to the smell of this pomade would be some Wrigley’s spearmint gum. It have a slight sweetness to the mint, but it does have a unique kick to it that’s unlike peppermint. 

Rustin Classic Hold Pomade texture


The pomade, at first touch, really just felt like Grandad’s Old Fasioned (medium). It’s got a waxy top layer that you’ll want to break through, but after that…it actually still has a waxy toughness to it. Nothing too hard though.


Once you start agitating the pomade, it does melt down to a nice paste that’s easy to apply. There’s no worries about that, but do watch to make sure all biddie-bits of wax are broken up.


It’s strange but for such a waxy pomade, this product ended up performing and feel like a pretty greasy pomade. That means it was a really slick product. Instead of applying like a ‘dry’ product…similar to Grandad’s, it was greasy and more comparable to Lockhart’s Medium.


For the same reasons that it’s slick, the pomade also has a good shine about it. Not too much and not too little. Basically, just enough to say I have product in.


The strength was unexpectedly less than what the texture suggested. I mean…it has strength, but it’s also a heavy pomade in literal terms…it has a lot of greasy weight to it.

Rustin Classic Hold Pomade pomp
Rustin Classic Hold Pomade shine
Rustin Classic Hold Pomade part


The pomade kept its hold all day long. But the thing is, this pomade didn’t have the characteristics to allow me to style a tall and more-easily-messed-up pompadour. Low height, low risk…I would hope it can hold up.


It stays pretty soft and greasy throughout whole day…I mean…it’s an oil-base, so that’s what you expect.

Quality of Buildup

It’s a greasy buildup…and very heavy in weight.


It’ll probably take 3-4 days to fully remove this one.

Rustin Classic Hold Pomade final pomp
Rustin Classic Hold Pomade final pomp shine
Rustin Classic Hold Pomade final pomp slickness


Overall it’s a good product and we’ll keep an eye out to see what else these guys come out with later on. This pomade is good and is a good option for slickness and shine in a minty form.

For more information, check their Etsy page out here.