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If you guys didn’t know already, a large percentage of the review requests I receive on this blog are rejected or ignored. Yeah. It’s gotten to that point. It’s a mixture of being too busy with other things and filtering content to make sure you guys hear only about the finest/legit pomades. But every once in a while, I take a leap of faith for various reasons.

This one was due to the brewer’s acquaintance with Clayton (owner and maker of O’Douds All Natural). This isn’t the first time someone has reached out to me via reference to that guy. The last one was too great, but thankfully, this time was not a let down.

Allow me to present to you, The One Who Knocks Pomade by Shear Revival. It is made by a dude with a background as a hair stylist in a salon. We’ve seen this before with the maker of Anchors Hair Company. When we get individuals with very different backgrounds, we can more confidently hope to get an innovative and unique pomade. This is a pretty standard oil-based pomade.

Shear Revival TOWK jar

There were really only two aspects to this pomade that I wasn’t fond of and that is the scent and jar design. Everything else was done pretty well. The jar is visually interesting and well-composed, but I don’t like it overall. I like Breaking Bad. Shit. I binge-watched the entire series in like a week or so. However, I don’t understand the relevance or how it is worthy of being reference in a pomade’s label. Walter White is bald, and minus the Wallabee boots…he is only moderately badass. Brad Pitt from Fight Club is badass. Edward Norton from American History X is badass. Nevertheless, none of them are worthy of reference when creating a hair product label. The font choice and composition of the label is well-done. I like it. The jar…cap…label texture…nice. But a gas mask? I understand the reference, but how effing overplayed has the symbol of a gas mask been? 

Nevertheless, despite my taste of this design, it has grabbed the attention and appreciation from a myriad of individuals. You can’t argue that. But I can argue, which and what type of individuals are impressed by this design? I, for one, care about who purchases my product (i.e. collabs) because it establishes associations.


I feel bad that my two only critiques are right in a row, but whatever. I don’t like the smell. It is straight up like Yankee Candle got wrapped up, melted down, and squeezed into this jar. I got a whole fragrance/aroma thing going on right now with my other shower products, and they all fit together. A pomade with a super strong non-cologne/fresh scent really fucks it all up. There are other pomades that have the same scent. I don’t feel like remembering them.

Shear Revival TOWK texture


Now for the good stuff. It has a texture similar to that of Grandad’s Old Fashioned (Medium) where the product is initially stiff. It’s a slight inconvenience to get out of the jar, but it ends at that. In the hands, it smears to a nice paste and becomes easy to work with.


This is a waxy product, but application should be too adversely affected. As you can see in the video, it is easily worked in and not difficult to evenly distribute into the hair. 


As expected from a pomade based in salon-experience, the pomade has a matte feel to it. The product is adds little shine, but also, does not take any away. I’ve become very fond of pomades who do this.


For such a waxy pomade, it was a slick pomade. It kept all my hairs together. Without having to sacrifice a dry feel, the pomade kept it all together and allowed me to style a clean pomp.


The strength is a straight medium. It may not be the heaviest pomade, but the product has a lightness to it that allows you to get some good height. As you can see in the photos, the pomp is at an above average height and everything looks good — natural and spherical.

Shear Revival TOWK pomp
Shear Revival TOWK shine
Shear Revival TOWK part
Shear Revival TOWK slickness


The pomade was able to endure the whole day with little sagging. This pomade did fare much better than other greasy alternatives such as King Brown Pomade or Lockhart’s Medium. BUT don’t get me wrong still, you will need to restyle it midday. That’s a given.


Easy. Actually, it is more easily done than when the pomade is first applied. Throughout the day, your natural hair oils make the waxiness less sticky, and that makes it a lot easier to style a pomp.


You’ll need 2-3 days to remove the product.

Build-up Quality

It is an ok build-up. It has a good wax content to it.

Shear Revival TOWK final pomp
Shear Revival TOWK final shine
Shear Revival TOWK final pomp part


Overall, this was a good and simple product. It did push boundaries a little more than other hyper-traditional oil-based pomade, but only a little. The pomade is a clean, dry, and waxy alternative to other more greasy pomades. If I feel like an oil-based sometimes, you can be sure TOWK Pomade will be one of the choices I’ll consider.

For more information, check Shear Revival TOWK Pomade here.