The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade Review

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If you were to hand me two blank brown-tinted glass jars…one firm hold and the other original…I would not able to tell the difference between the two. Well…not to the extent that I’d call them two definitively distinct pomades.

The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade jar

It comes in the same exact jar, and the only difference is a label change. The overall style is unchanged, and the aesthetics of the presentation is still as strong. They’ve definitely changed the label styles from when they started…but I like the change.


The scent is exactly the same between the two The Iron Society pomades — spicy and smokey aroma. The only slight difference is that the original hold is a small click down from the firm hold. But this inconsistency may just be a result change from jar to jar. 

The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade texture


I think it’s really interesting that some medium oil-based pomades have a top layer of waxiness. You have to break through it to get to the soft goop underneath. Once through, it’s slightly softer than the firm hold.


Of course. It’s real easy to apply and not a hassle in any way at all. 


It’s some slick shit — literally, the same as the firm hold. That also means it doesn’t do well to hold to itself  and makes your pomp very susceptible to splitting.


The shine is good. Not too much. Not too little.


Almost indistinguishable from the firm hold to be perfectly honest. You will absolutely not be able to get a full and tall pompadour with this pomade. The strength-to-weight ratio of oil-based pomades are already low relative to their water-based counterparts. TIS is also a greasy product which carries a lot of weight.

The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade pomp
The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade shine
The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade part


Bring a pocket comb.


Stays soft no matter what and honestly, it’s probably easier to style with later in the day. 

Build-up Quality

Just the same as TIS Firm Hold. Super waxy…which is really good for build-up. Really. Good.


It’s a greasy oil-based…not a wax-heavy one. Still, it is clean. Not as clean as O’Douds but clean nevertheless.

The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade final pomp
The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade final shine
The Iron Society Original Hold Pomade final part


TIS Original Hold has a shit load of hype to live up to. And it doesn’t. The way people talk it up…we expect it to be all next level and shit. Sadly, it isn’t. The way people talk about it, it’s impossible for this pomade to live up to it.  

But does that mean it’s not a good product? No. It’s a great product and it receives my seal of approval. It’s  finely craft rendition of traditional ingredients.

For more information, check it out here.