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This is the first pomade I’ve come across to not just boast ethical production, but claim to donate a portion of its proceeds to fight human trafficking. There are seasonal products that donate to charities (i.e. Grandad’s Breast Cancer pomades). However, this one is ongoing. And I can respect that. 

The Mail Room Barber Pomade jar

The product comes in a brown-tinted jar who’s design work just really really reminds me of The Daimon Barber’s jar. Yeah. There are some obvious differences, but I’m getting the same aura and feel to the two.


In all honest truth, I can’t fuck with this smell. I understand the official scent is cedar and pine…I understand that some people may find it pleasing…but I think it smells like tamarind. 

The Mail Room Barber Pomade texture


It has a consistency like that of Grandad’s Old Fashioned. There is a thin layer of waxiness that you’ll break through without much of a problem. After that, the stuff shears like a waxy pomade but smears into a nice paste.


Once smeared into a nice paste, it’s pretty reasonable to apply. The waxiness does make it into a sticky product and thus, an effort to apply evenly.


The stickiness does allow for the product to be slick in that it catches all stray hairs. But you guys remember our issue with some other pomades like this…throughout the day, the pomade caused hairs to stick together. And that counteracted the slickness. 


The shine is strong with this one. 


The hold is a notch up from The Iron Society. It’s the waxiness that provides all the hold with little additional product weight.

The Mail Room Barber Pomade pomp
The Mail Room Barber Pomade shine
The Mail Room Barber Pomade part


It did well, but would score about average for a mediumweight pomade. The stickiness of the wax really weakens itself in this aspect, and at the same time, the stiffness helps with some sacrifice to the ease of styling.


It’s easier to style the pomade halfway through the day once the wax settles.

Buildup Quality

Same waxiness as TIS but less in strength and more in softness. All in all, it’s actually really nice.


Two showers should take most, if not all, the product.

The Mail Room Barber Pomade final pomp
The Mail Room Barber Pomade final shine
The Mail Room Barber Pomade final part


Overall, this is a new homebrew that we expect to see a lot of growth from. It’s an effective product as is, but there’s a lot of potential for it to grow. 

For more information, you can check out there Etsy here.