The Pomade Review

The Pomade Review

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This is NOT a review. Rather, it is an explanation of our vision for this pomade.

I am so effing excited to bring this product to you guys. Edwin of Pomps Not Dead, Clayton of O’Douds All Natural, and I have been working hard to create this pomade.  We felt that each of us have something interesting to bring to the table, and together, we could create something that is unique.

Pomps Not Dead bring to the market some of the slickest pomade. The OG provides medium hold, but allows one of the finest slick backs ever. The shine is nice, and stray hairs are minimized.

O’Douds All Natural offers some of the cleanest oil-based pomades I’ve ever seen. What I mean is that the hold and slickness is there, yet the pomade washes out relatively easily. The product doesn’t feel greasy throughout the day and remains clean.

I wanted The Pomade to embody these characteristics from the brewers and be refined to what I consider to be important characteristics in any good pomade. So, let me present to you: The Pomade — a mediumweight oil-based pomade. 

The Pomade jar

Obviously, I wanted this sucker to come in a nice glass jar. Amber seemed like the obviously choice here, but I did consider clear. Clayton and I said hell no to plastic jar lids and went with the metal one. For me personally, it was the nice weight to the jar that made the decision clear to me.

I did all the design work for the label you see, and all the advertising you’ve seen on the various forms of social media. This is a collaboration pomade and so, we felt that it was most important to establish that. The name was built off of my blog name, The Pomp. The design is all monochrome and simple…as you already know, minimalism is a central characteristic to all my work. By choice of Clayton, we went with a nice textured wine label, which really topped off the appearance and presentation of this pomade.

I definitely learned how expensive labels and jars are. You can save A LOT of money going with ‘cheaper’ options. I didn’t cut corners on it, so I want to emphasize the importance of observing how much effort a brewers puts into these things.


The scent. Oh, the scent. You guys have been asking about it, and I haven’t even bothered to tell you guys. I wanted to be a surprised. But I guess, since it’s sold out and basically impossible for anyone to read this and then buy the product. I think I can tell you now. Officially, it is a mahongany, cedar, and oak scent. Yup…straight up woods. But none of that spice shit that all the other pomades have. I believe you guys don’t need some scent to make you more masculine. Instead, you just need a clean and smooth aroma for your hair product. And this is…a smooth scent. 

The Pomade texture


The Pomade has a texture similar to that of O’Douds Original and Grandad’s Old Fashioned. It’s not a thick waxy feel at all…it’s got a tough feel that breaks down after some push. And when you start rubbing away at it, the pomade just turns into butter. And I mean, literally into a melted butter like texture as you can see in the video. The pomade has a good amount of wax in it, but it doesn’t turn into dry pasty or a cream. It’s like butter.


Even as a buttery texture, the product applies similarly to a medium weight pomade. It feels like a lightweight once melted in the hands, but starts gaining hold and getting a lil tougher to apply. It’s still easy, but it’s dissimilar to butter during application. You’ll be more thankful for this because it’s this characteristic that gives you hold and most importantly, control during the styling phase.


Pomps Not Dead makes some of the slickest pomade on the market. Additionally, the O’Douds line is inherently slick. With a collaboration between these two brewers, you can be sure that this pomade will be slick as hell. The photos will only prove it. Thankfully, it’s not an oily or greasy type of pomade and the slickness does not derive from that trait. 


Overall, there is a nice shine to the pomade — a small notch up from the natural shine in your healthy hair. It’s not excessively shiny like some pomade, but it’s just shiny enough to see that you have product in your hair. That’s as much as I want. 


The strength honestly sits as a medium-heavy. It’s more than I initially wanted, but in all truth, it’s probably better this way. It provides an additional dose of control and helps with the pomade’s resilience. 

The Pomade pomp
The Pomade shine


The pomade does adequately well to endure the entire day. You will need to bring a comb if you’re doing anything significant during the day. If you sit at a desk like me….designing and making shit…then you’ll be fine. If it’s a day in the machine shop and your milling away at something, then you’ll want to have a comb on-hand. 


The product is simple and straight forward to restyle. That makes the okay-endurance much easier to handle and resolve. The Pomade’s control is present and available for your use anytime of day.

Buildup Quality

Good. Nice and waxy like that of TIS. At first, I didn’t think it would wash up so nicely, but time has proven me otherwise. You can build up a nice plethora of waxiness to pomp nice and tall after a few days.


It takes 2-3 showers. It took me 2 showers to wash the product out completely.


Clayton has super curly hair. Edwin has thick and wavy/straight. I have fine and straight hair. Trust me. This pomade is versatile.

The Pomade final pomp
The Pomade final pomp shine
The Pomade final pomp part


At this point, all 250 jars have been sold. There are none more to sell. I could have played all you guys a fool and sold you a shitty product. It would be no loss to me. The Pomade will never again be for sale. But  you guys trusted me. Purchased the pomade before I even told you what it is, what it offered, or anything about it at all.

What I tell you now is the honest truth. There is no need for me to advertise it anymore. What we made is one of the greatest products that Clayton, Edwin, and I can proudly offer it to you guys.


And oh yeah…use the hashtag #thepomade when you post about it. Feel free to message me what you think about it — good or bad.