Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade Review

Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade Review

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This pomade was an interesting pomade to use. It has hemp oil in it – to me, this doesn’t and hasn’t made much of a difference probably because my skin is always dry anyways, but maybe to other people, it might have potential in alleviating the experience of dry scalps and hair after using a water based pomade.

Prospectors Gold Rush Hair Dressing Pomade comes in a hefty 4.5 oz aluminum tin. For under $20, that’s a nifty deal for a satisfying pomade. Because the theme is Gold Rush, what you get is a gold upper tin with red text and design and a off yellow bottom with the ingredients and application directions on the back. 

Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade jar

Design is a bit cluttered, but falls together in the way that’s not too crazy. One neat thing is if you look inside the can, you get a dope ax and shovel emblem on the bottom of the tin.

Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade texture

I call it the old man smell. It’s nostalgic, musky, and clean. That’s the best way I can put together what I get from the pomade.

It’s got the smoothness of Railcar, but it’s a bit thicker than that. You can definitely say it’s a water based pomade from the wetness of it, however, there’s a sliminess due to the oil ingredients.   

Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade

2-3 finger tips for a solid hold with my hair. It’s smooth and easy, both on wet and dry hair.

Solid all-day performance from Prospectors. The slickness isn’t anywhere near an oil-based pomade, but you get all the strays tamed and settled. My shorter hairs however, did protrude.

I didn’t get a shine at all from the product. Overall matte look.

Medium-strong hold. What I get is a firm grip on my hair, making me reassured that my hair will stay in place.

Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade part
Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade pomp
Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade slickness

It lasted a solid 10 hours without giving out too much. If you guys take a look at the video, there’s a part where I mention the “breakage” in the pomp. Basically, the hair did give out a bit in the back as the day dragged on. However, what surprised me is that the level of strays remained the same as the morning.

Okay, so I did the wet combing, and to me, this isn’t going to be the most reliable method to restyle. My hair did give way to more strays because I simply felt that the pomade had disappeared as I combed. In the end, I’m going to have to use more pomade.

Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade part
Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade pomp
Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade shine

Quality of Buildup
Water is this guys worst enemy.

Even with a bit of oil ingredients, the pomade washes out pretty easily.

Is this a game changer in any way? Na, not really. It’s another satisfying pomade that I can rely on for a clean, neat pomp throughout the day. It’s got no shine and has a rustic old man smell, which to me, is a warming sensation due to the nostalgia it brings. The Gold Rush theme is apparent in the design and presentation of the can and pomade itself, but it also comes up in the smell, which is nice. I’ll definitely be using this pomade for work as I need it.