Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dressing Review

Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dressing Review

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The video was filmed two weeks ago when I was in NorCal visiting and doing some photography projects. However, the photos in this written review are recent because my hair has grown out a bit more, allowing me to style a bit easier due to the length. 

It’s been a while since I’ve gone back to heavily using oil-based product. There hasn’t been a necessity…until NOW thanks to James. My favorite in the past was Dax Wave and Groom due to its strong hold compared to the other products in its class (Murrays, Nu Nile, etc).

Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dressing jar

Dax W&G comes in the classic metallic tin with red lettering on a solid red backdrop. One major concern upon looking at the tin was “Hair Dress / Made Especially for Short Hair.” The product is described “to spike, sculpt, and create stiff definition” in the directions. However, you do not need to worry.

Taking the lid off reveals a nostalgic visual of Murray’s pale yellow alongside its greasy texture. Dax W&G gives off a light scent…it’s hard to describe but the can I have, after countless uses over the last year, has a hint of sourness plus lots of buttery sweetness. That’s my best take on it.

Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dressing texture

From the point your finger scoops this pomade up, you’ll notice that it’s dense and very greasy. Now, my experience is still pretty limited, but by far, this is the “greasiest feeling” product I’ve got my hands on. Rubbing it on your palms will feel like rubbing sticky syrup – Dax W&G has a lot of grip.  Running it through my hair hurt because I have thick, wavy hair. My hands will sometimes come out with some hairs who have lost the battle.

Combing it through the hair was another challenge, resulting in the lost of a couple of more hairs. Because the pomade is thick, it does take a few more strokes to evenly spread it. For my thick hair, I usually like to apply it and wait for it to “settle,” before styling, as I find it easier to comb as time passes by (I tend to my morning routine in the meantime). 

Man, this stuff brings out Cover Girl waves of my hair. Putting plenty of this stuff will surely keep down those strays due to its cohesive oiliness (which also gives an average shine – nothing super greasy looking) Unless you have baby hairs that don’t lose the battle to anything of course.

Murray’s Super Light. Murray’s Superior. This would be Murray’s Supreme in terms of hold. It’s strong, but one problem I do have with many oil-based pomades (not just Dax W&G) is that the strength diminishes as temperature increases (from whatever source: the sun/surroundings or my body). My thick and wavy hair seems to speed up that process, resulting in flatter pomp or a more apparent comb over.

I find that after a day or two of using Dax W&G, the hold is stronger and more consistent than when first applied. I’m going to guess that the “build-up” of previous applications contributes to a stronger overall hold, but whatever the case, Dax W&G is my go-to during long outings or warmer days.  

Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dressing pomp
Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dressing side
Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dressing part