Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade Review

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This was the pomade that started it all for me. Cheap and readily available with a medium-strong hold, Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade has been the basic stock option when I’m feeling lazy or if I’m not trying to waste any of the good stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I do not dislike this stuff for what it is, but I do not love it either.

Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

The pomade comes in a 3oz orange, retro-designed can for under $5 at most places. This has usually lasted me well over a month for when I do use it consistently.

A soft vanilla-esque fragrance that doesn’t overpower. Reminds me of baby products or a very lightly scented candle.

The pomade itself is a light yellow with a thick, greasy consistency. It’s tough to scoop out of the tin under room temperature, but at higher temperatures such as the SoCal summers, it can be scooped out like Vanilla ice cream. It’ll feel nastily heavy and oily.

Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade texture

It ain’t easy to apply this product to thick hair. It tugs and latches on to whatever it touches, even if you agitate it to the max. Be careful as you run this through your hair.

With so much greasiness, the slickness is a given. It’s a heavy pomade, so slickness isn’t a concern.

A decent shine. The buildup that you get however, does increase that greasiness as you apply more and more. It’ll create a more noticeable shine if you’re going for that.

A solid strong hold given that it isn’t too hot or humid. After the initial day, the hold begins to become more prominent, but with more and more buildup, you’ll start getting a heavy clump of greasy hair.  

Because it’s so greasy, the pomade does stick with you all day. This allows for a hair style that’s able to last for a majority of the day. It ain’t going to dry up and solidify your hair, but it’ll definitely endure a good amount before having to be restyled.

Oil-based. Restyleability is a given. Easy to recomb, restyle, and redo in whatever manner you desire.

Quality of Buildup
Nasty. After a while, you’ll just feel like your head’s been dipped in lard.

Impossible to rinse out entirely, unless you really shampoo and wash your hair consistently for a week or more. Groom/Clean, a cocktail of Murray’s and a water-based pomade, or grease-cleaning stuff like dish soap are a couple of the solutions to ease or remove the pomade.

For a couple of bucks, it ain’t bad. But it ain’t the best. Murray’s is my go-to for when I know I’ll be active (i.e. gym, hiking, beach, etc) or if I’m lazy and need to look decent-it makes for a nice slick back. Give it a try if you’re looking to get into the pomade game. But yeah, y’all should know what Murray’s Superior is able to do.

Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade slickness
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