'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade Review

Up until now, we've reviewed texture products in the same light as other pomades. This is not correct. I decided to development a new set of criteria to review these texture products, and it will optimal to do this now. My hair hasn't grown back to its full length, so I'm able to style a nice loose pompadour.

This is The Dirty Byrd aka Byrd Matte Pomade. It is a firm hold pomade that provides both a matte appearance and the ability to style a ruffled look.

'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade


As with all the other Byrd products, they are some of the best minimalist-style jars. Despite being a water-based pomade, they decided to put it in a metal jar -- very interesting. Same applies to their Byrd Light Pomade. Simply put, it's a beautiful, pocket-sized jar.


The scent of this one is very different from the others. Unlike the classic cologne-like scent, this one has a more musky and earthy scent. It's different but still very nice, and the aroma goes very well with the characteristics of this pomade.

'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade texture


As many other texture products, it has a grainy feel to the product. Most of them end up being a smooth clay that have an almost cream consistency. Byrd Matte Pomade, on the other hand, has a strong waxy feel to it. 


This actually makes it very difficult to apply when your hair is dry. So, you need your hair to be damp. This will make it infinitely easier to apply to your hair and work around. Heed to these words. 


Matte. No shine. It'll take you a few notches down from your hair's natural sheen -- if it's got any.


When you initially apply the product, it can give you some pretty damn good texture. It's nice. Clumpy may happen later on, but you can really maintain the natural look of your hair while styling. In other words, you hair maintains its personality despite being styled.


Without using a roller brush and blow dryer, you'll actually have a hard time getting volume -- comb or finger-combing. Obviously, you can get height but not what you look for to get a nice and tall pomp. 


Though you've sacrifice volume with this product, you do have good control -- not for height but for overall placement. As you can see in the photos, everything is messy yet still in place. This is the main idea behind a texture pomade.  You want a ruffled look...but ruffled in the right way.

'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade pomp
'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade slickness
'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade shine
'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade control


This pomade actually does harden up and kinda lock-in. Unfortunate ha? One of the most attractive characteristics of a texture product is the ability to freely hand-comb the hair wherever throughout the day. If it hardens up, we can't do that.


The hair will sag significantly throughout the day. You will need to restyle your hair during the day.


The hardening of the product is frustrating. I noticed it happening only in cold weather because in warm surroundings, the product stays relatively malleable. In any case, you'll want to have access to a water source. The best way to restyle is by wetting your hair to reactivate the product.


Washes out completely in one shot. No problems.

'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade final pomp
'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade final part
'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade final slickness
'The Dirty' Byrd Matte Pomade final shine


All in all, this is a great choice for those of you looking for a texture product. Though it has some disadvantages, you can style a very aesthetic and loose pompadour. As you can see in the photos, those waves are effing beautiful.

For more information on this product, check it out here.