Mister Pompadour Classic Wax Review

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As you guys might have seen, James has done a review for another product from Mister Pompadour (Natural Beeswax Paste). Like James, I didn’t have any knowledge of this company nor what their products would do.

I decided to spend a couple of days trying to figure out what the best application for Mister Pompadour Classic Wax. It is advertised to deliver definition and a flexible hold, but after many attempts, I was assured that this definition and hold would not be for my hair. 

Mister Pompadour Classic Wax jar

he product comes in a 2 oz plastic container, which is considerably smaller than what I’m use to. The simple and “modern” design is standard across their products, as you guys can see clearly on their store. 

Mister Pompadour Classic Wax texture

The texture is waxy at first, but rubbing it through creates a feel very similar to Vaseline. It’s oily due to the natural beeswax, however, it did not have that thick pomade oil feel to it that I usually get with other products. In addition, this Classic Wax has that fruity Zebra gum smell–just imagine super sweet melon candy. 

Due to its wetness, it’s fairly easy to apply throughout the hair, which was an omen because from my experience, anything this easy to apply through my hair meant it wasn’t going to hold well. As with the Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste, it combed smoothly through like a water-based product.

With little resistance in applying the product throughout my hair, styling it was no problem until the actual process of trying to form a pompadour. Combing my hair back was easy, but trying to get the front to lift and hold was a hassle. Moving too much this way or looking into the mirror at the wrong angle resulted in the deformation of my hair.

At first there was potential for slickness. Okay, my hair is slicked back to the way I want it. The stray hairs are down, and my part is decently formed. I was hopeful. After a couple of movements, however, things fell apart–strays began to pop up and my hair began to fall out of place. The only thing about the slickness that was consistent was its medium shine.

Little to none for my hair. Any contact with heat or sudden movements made my hair fall down into my face. Recombing throughout the day provided no benefits and adding more simply made my hair look damp. 

Mister Pompadour Classic Wax slickness
Mister Pompadour Classic Wax shine
Mister Pompadour Classic Wax pomp

I’m going to say without a doubt that this product is not meant for my type of hair. The waves overpower it, leading to no hold for what I want. My guess is that this product is more for those with shorter hair, or those who want the metrosexual pompadour or combover. You’ll definitely get the shine from using this product, but don’t count on this product to create that straight and tight look for those with wavy or longer hair.

For more information about this product for Mister Pompadour, you can check them out here.