Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade Review

Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade Review

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I wanted to do this review before heading abroad. It’s the final product we received from Mister Pompadour. Out of the three, with the other two being the Classic Wax and Natural Beeswax paste, this product was the only one that is actually labeled as a pomade.

Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade came in a very familiar jar – it was the same design/font/2oz jar. The only difference was obviously the product name and the font color, which corresponded with Mister Pompadour’s icon tie color. 

Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade jar

Opening the jar, you’re going to be blasted with sweet peppermint. The aroma is a bit overpowering when you start applying it to your hair. The pomade itself is white and as I mentioned in the video, has a strong resemblance to the thickness/consistency of toothpaste (Having it be white and minty makes me straight up think of toothpaste)

Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade texture

The pomade itself has the same feel as Murray’s Super Light. It has that slight oily thickness as you rub it on your palms. The application process was fairly smooth without any sort of resistance from my hair. Immediately after I finished applying, I did notice that my hair feel wet – it was the same wet feeling I got from using Royal Crown Pomade.

Time. Combing the Peppermint Pomade through was not a problem at all. Parting was fairly easy as well, but the main issue I ran into was getting height when forming the pomp. The pomade itself was weighing down my hair; it wasn’t necessarily providing any kind of hold. As with the wax, my hair would fall apart as I moved or tilted my head.

This product had a lot slickness to it. I was a bit worried that my hair was still too short and stray hairs would be sticking up, but the pomade kept everything down while providing a medium shine. Like I mentioned, the hair just felt weighed down, so as I became active, my hair started falling out of place. The product did not provide a cohesiveness that kept the hair together.

In terms of hold, there was barely any kind of hold for my hair. It definitely weighed it down, but in terms holding up a pomp or keeping my hair in place, the pomade doesn’t provide on that end.

Overall, Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade had good characteristics in terms of slickness and application, but its hold was simply not enough for me and what I want. If I wanted a slick combover, this product would do.

If you wanted more information on Mister Pompadour, check them out here.

Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade part
Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade slickness
Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade pomp