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This is an updated review for The Slick Byrd, also known as Byrd Classic Pomade. You can find the old one by clicking on this sentence right here. Either way, I don't know why you would do that. Just read this updated one.

When we were first introduced to this pomade, it was a relatively brand new company with only one product. This one right here. There were in develop of a few other things such as a soap bar and a dopp bag. I still have that first rendition of theirs. Despite their young age, their unique take on pomade was very refreshing and...Californian. 

Allow me to re-introduce to you, The Slick Byrd.

Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade


The entire Byrd line of products are, without a doubt, one of the most well-designed jars. I said it before in my other reviews of their products, so I don't feel like repeating it. Their high contrast work is uncommonly mature and aesthetically crafted. Top notch.

This is the new 2.5 oz. jar. Much bigger.


The scent, in all honesty, is one of Byrd's best accolades. It is a nice clean yet light cologne that has a unique refreshing aspect to it.

Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade texture


It has a nice consistency slightly softer than that of Dax Green & Gold -- waxy but still workable. 


Byrd Classic is an easy to apply product. Despite being a mediumweight and waxy pomade, it is actually pretty easy to apply to one's hair. You'll see this in the video.


The shine is very light -- almost nonexistent.


It is around average when it comes to slickness. This is a HIGHLY versatile product, which makes it so amazing. However, at the cost of this is slickness. You'll get a few stray hairs that refused to sit. Also, it will require more effort slick down the back with this pomade.


The hold actually isn't that strong. Even though it is a waxy pomade, the product is very soft which makes it comfortable and not overpowering.


The control was slightly above average. This will sure to improve with stacks and stacks of build up. However, it has a liveliness to itself that allows for styling of a clean and slick pompadour or a loose and freeform type.

Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade pomp
Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade shine
Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade slickness
Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade part
Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade slickness


Give it a few hours. You'll definitely have to restyle your hair during the day. 


This pomade stays very soft and malleable. No issues with that. Also, despite what I thought, this pomade did not become easier to work with during the day. Because the wax never 'settled', it remained unchanged throughout the day.


Soft all day. Wax doesn't even settle.


It'll take about 2-3 days to remove.

Buildup Quality

Very waxy. Unmatched.

Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade final pomp
Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade final slickness
Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade final part
Byrd 'The Slick' Classic Pomade final slickness


I would highly recommend this pomade. I still prefer Byrd Light Pomade over anything else form their line, but that's not to say this isn't a unique product. Its versatility is to be recognized and taken advantage of. 

For more information, check out the pomade here.