Listen to the Silence Conference

“Just like our organs, our anger is part of us. When we are angry, we have to go back to ourselves and take good care of our anger. We cannot say, ‘Go away, anger, I don’t want you.’ When you have a stomachache, you don’t say, ‘I don’t want you stomach, go away.’ No, you take care of it. In the same way, we have to embrace and take good care of our anger.”

-- Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Thích Nhất Hạnh

Listen to the Silence (LTS) is an annual conference organized by the Stanford Asian American Students' Association. It attempts to raise awareness on Asian-American issues and act as a foundation for discussion. We cannot solve decades-long racial and ethnic injustices in one day, and this is not the purpose of LTS. Every year, the goal changes as with the new directors of the project. Nevertheless, it will always be a safe space for dialogue -- whether or not you are Asian-American, whatever your sexual orientation, and no matter the labels you or society places on you.

As an Asian-American who is angry, I would highly recommend any of you to attend this conference in the future -- especially those of you who would like to think about what it means to be Asian-American. There is more to the concept than just a racial classification. There is more to it than the culture. There is much more to it than a connection to Asia. Our existence as Asian-Americans is strange one. Please spend some time considering it.