A Dissertation on the Formulation of White. Pomade

When I first contact Benjamin (Anchors Hair Co.) about potentially collaborating with him on this. I chose him because I believe his product is the epitome of what is available to us today, and he is a visionary for where we're headed. The two water-based pomades from his line, Teddy Boy Original and Matte, embody what all other pomades wished they could -- balanced hold, unmatched control, and simple convenience.

I saw our collaboration as an opportunity to optimize upon what was already made and push it even further. As with other collaborations, I wanted to take on a new fragrance and reshape the formula to our liking here on The Pomp. I desired something with the strength of the Teddy Boy Original. However, I wanted the consistency and aesthetic of the Teddy Boy Matte. A product such as this would allow the user to have a unique level of control over his hair. He was given just enough hold to craft his hair in whatever way he chose. Yet, its hold was restricted to a limit in order to make sure a naturalness was retained. I will NOT allow a 'head-wedge' or cosplay-level pompadour be styled with my product. Instead, you will be given the tools needed to style the cleanest yet natural-looking pomp. Fear not. You are in good hands.

The reason why I decided to name this pomade White. is a subtle reflection on my background as a painter. When I reasoned the first sample, it had an uncanny resemblance to Flake White. This is one of the most quintessential lead-based oil paints from classic European paintings that has become largely replaced by Titanium White -- a 'safer' substitute. Flake White is a undoubtedly toxic, but it texture and consistency are unmatched. The white hue is a deep, warm, and permanently opaque. The creamy texture of our pomade was reminiscent of this lost Flake White. Unlike all other water-based and oil-based pomades on the market today, the consistency of our pomade is so creamy that you can almost paint with it. Once you break through the top layer, you will find the creamiest pomade ever.

Style like a oil-based. Wash away like a water-based. Look as good as The Based Pomp.