A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade - Water Based

This is a relatively new company, and personally, I’ve never heard of them until these products came in. Their store shows a variety of men’s grooming products, from pomades to shaving creams to razors and so on. 

A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade

A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade - Water Based comes in a 4 oz. plastic container, a common thing we see from most water-based pomades. The shape of the container is what sets it apart, but it doesn’t stack very well if you’re building towers of pomade in your cabinet. The container itself comes with a very minimal design with the company logo and product name printed on – nothing flashy. It’s a firm and neat design. You’ll also find a bottom label that peels open with ingredients, manufacturing details, and a caution. 

A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade jar

Opening up the pomade gave no scent at all. I thought I was having allergies or something, but I wasn’t congested. I went onto their site to check their description and surprisingly, they added no scent to the product. You just get…product.

It’s extremely hard to scoop out with your finger tip. The video might give you a better sense of how this pomade feels, but my best comparison is to thick peanut butter. The pomade is way thicker than any water-based pomade I’ve used. It’s comparable to a heavy oil-based like TIS or O’Douds. It stuck together with no signs of really smoothing out as you rub it on your palms. Even when spread out and agitated, it was still hardcore sticky. 

A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade color

Oh man, this was a difficult product especially for days when my hair was unruly. For example, let’s say I use Suavecito or Tres Flores, you get that water or slippery characteristic that let’s you smoothly apply the product to your hair dry. For this product, with it being so sticky and thick, the application process is very similar to an oil based pomade. It’ll tug if you’re not careful like me in the video review.

Like a oil based pomade, it gave initial signs of slickness and a small amount of shine. BUT, like an water based pomade, it dried out leaving a matte look with some strays. What also didn’t vibe right with me was that this product dried up and hardened on a level comparable to Suavecito.

As I mentioned above, shine exists initially. The product dries out, leaving no shine at all.

With this product, I’ve noticed that you get more hold with more product. Of course this is common sense, but with a water-based pomade that is advertised to have a crazy amount of hold with a single scoop, I expected a bit more. To get a good hold my amount of hair, it was maybe 3 finger tips worth or product. To get a decent hold, maybe 1-2 finger tips scoop, but you’ll notice this doesn’t bode too well throughout the day as the weight of my hair as well as daily activities start dragging down the hair. 

A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade pomp
A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade slickness
A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade part

ith it drying up and hardening, it’s hard to say what actual endurance the product really has. My hair did shift through the day when I used a bit less (these photos were taken on a different day than the video review). For days where I used a good chunk of product, my hair stood in place (think Suavecito).

A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade final hold
A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade final slickness
A Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade final shine

None. Once the pomade dried out, that’s the end of the story.

Quality of Buildup
None. Dried up. Hardened.

Washes out easily with a quick shower.

I had high hopes for this product. It came in a different container and had a different texture. I thought it’d be almost oil based in nature, but in the end, it was another standard water-based pomade. Positive things about the product? With no scent, it leaves you with a flexibility on how you want to smell that day. It’s definitely on a grander scale in terms of strength than most water based pomades, so for those of you who have thicker, wavier, or longer hair, this might be a good fit. Just think Suavecito Firme plus some.