Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade – Petroleum Based (Wax) Review

ixty8Chicago prides itself on developing high quality products in collaboration with other experts from certain fields. They have other products like shave oil, a safety razor, and beard oil. The company is just starting out, so they’ve been lining up with a lot of retailers around the states and abroad. Looks like they’re growing pretty well. This is all I really know from their website – it’s another “men’s dedicated grooming company.”

Why I’m establishing their backstory is because of the product I’m about to review. Since I’ve just done their Heavy Hold Pomade – Water Based, it was only right to do the other pomade in their Heavy Hold line – the Petroleum-Based Pomade. This is what gets me. On their website, the Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade – Petroleum-Based Pomade is labeled as a wax. So is it an oil-based pomade, or is it a wax? To me, it’s a oil-based pomade that is very similar to a typical medium oil-based product. 

Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade

Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade – Petroleum-Based pomade comes in a 4 oz. plastic container very similar to the one we saw last time with it’s Water-Based counter part. This time however, you get a different colorway – it’s a gold lid with the simple black print. You get the same sticker on the bottom with manufacturer details, a caution label, and ingredients. Again, directions are found on their product page. 

Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade texture

nside you’ll find a lighter blue, turquoise color pomade. The texture of this product is oily, and Vaseline in nature. It’s consistency isn’t as thick as what we saw with the water-based formula – this pomade scoops out easily and once agitated, all you get is a layer of oil. This reminded me of Mister Pompadour’s Classic Wax. The Petroleum-based pomade doesn’t have that thickness I’m use to for oil-based products - maybe this is where the wax label comes from? 

Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade color

This product is advertised as having no scent added. That’s what you get. No scent.

Oddly enough, this product was easier to scoop out of the jar than it’s water-based counterpart. Almost waxy in nature but with a substantial amount of oil ingredients makes it very similar to a light-to-medium pomade. To me, it resembles the characteristics of Vaseline.

Oh man, this was a difficult product especially for days when my hair was unruly. For example, let’s say I use Suavecito or Tres Flores, you get that water or slippery characteristic that let’s you smoothly apply the product to your hair dry. For this product, with it being so sticky and thick, the application process is very similar to an oil based pomade. It’ll tug if you’re not careful like me in the video review.

This heavy hold pomade has a good amount of slickness. With the proper amount of pomade in your hair, you’ll be able to slick down your hair with ease and keep strays from appearing. As an oil base, the slickness doesn’t disappear throughout the day. It only disappeared through a normal shower.

Although I didn’t mention this in the video, this Sixty8 heavy hold pomade has a decent shine. It isn’t overly obnoxious or is it subtle. Given the right amount of light, your hair will produce an adequate amount of shine throughout the day.

The strength is a solid medium. The heavy hold description is a bit misleading since this product couldn’t really hold my hair in place throughout the day. After a short amount of time (1-2 hours), my hair was already shifting from its combed position. It did provide a good amount of hold however. It seems like this wasn’t enough to hold the waves in my hair down – I did notice that the areas where my hair had more waves (sides) did slip out of place first. 

Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade pomp
Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade slickness
Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade shine

My hair shifted easily if my head tilted enough. If the environment got a bit warmer, such as sitting in my heated car in the mornings, I noticed that the sense of control I get from the product began to disappear. How is this labeled as a heavy hold? I was expect something similar to Dax Wave and Groom or even Murray’s Superior in performance, but it performed very similar to Mister Pompadour’s Classic Wax. Maybe this is where the wax label comes in.

Do it all you want. Oil based products are easily restylable given that you have enough in your hair.

Quality of Buildup
A small amount of buildup after a day of usage (2 finger tips worth). Buildup is heavier at two days worth of usage. It’s very similar to a medium weight product as opposed to a heavy weight oil based pomade. You can wash a good amount of it with daily showers or switching up the routine with a water based.

My guess is at 3 to 4 showers after a day or two of usage. As an oil based, it’ll take more just a quick rinse to get this stuff out of your hair.

Sixty8 Provisional Co. Heavy Hold Pomade – Petroleum Based (Wax) comes in a similar presentation as its water based counterpart. Unlike its water based brother, we get a pomade that’s lighter in texture and smoother in application with a hold that’s not as quite heavy. I would define this pomade to be a medium oil-based, something very similar to Dax Green and Gold or TIS Original Hold. You get a greasy oil based product that has no scent with a decent amount of slickness and medium hold. Remember, this is all relative to my type of hair, which is a bit longer, heavier, and wavier – three combination of hair characteristics that lead me to lean towards stronger hold pomades. This pomade definitely has its potentials – maybe an edit is due after a haircut this weekend.