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Welcome back to me, Harrison. I haven't done this in a while, so it's good to finally get in the groove of everything. For this review, I got the chance to review David Elliot's POMADE classic, or de POMADE classic. As with most water-based products that border the line of being a gel pomade, I was a bit hesitant. However, what set this product apart was it's inclusion of argan oil, which I figured would off-set what we normally see with gel pomades: crusty, hard drying of the hair. 

DavidElliotPomade Jar


Red, white, and black. Solid colors to work with, and they did so minimally. Easy to read, easy to navigate. I'm liking the straightforwardness of the label.


Opening the jar, you get a burst of a fruity fragrance. Clean, yes. But it reminds me of Herbal Essence or Garnier Frutis shampoos. Not that this is a bad quality, but I'm just not a big fan. 


Greatly resembles a Sixty8 Provisional Company's water based pomade. de Classic Pomade is thick, dense, and has very sticky feel to it, more so than other generic gel pomades. I'm putting the bet on the argan oil used.

David Elliot Pomade Classic


Putting it on slightly, and I mean slightly, wet hair made it painless with no tug. Most of my hair was dry, but you can definitely feel that there was still moisture present. 


David Elliot POMADE classic initially has a little bit of shine due to the presence of water, but once it dries, there's a matte finish. Your hair looks naturally in place without the hardened crispiness of various water based products.


Advertised as a strong hold and for how thick it felt on the palms, it translated well to the strength of the pomade. My hair was held relatively well, but given the waves and thickness of it, I might have done better with either more pomade, or having my hair completely dry. Throughout the day however, the "strong" aspect of it endured a highly intense day: wind, climbing buildings, playing ping-pong, and walking many, many hours.


Wet, sticky, and dense. As I mentioned before, it's almost like any other water based pomade in texture, but with the argan oil in there, it's thicker and less volatile. Thick like a sixty8 provisional company's heavy hold water based, or a heavier version of Suavecito. 


Initially a decent hold, but once the product begins to dry, you begin to see the amount of control you are able to get from the product. For me, trying this product out meant I had to know quickly what I could get out of it, and how much height I'll be able to get from it.

David Elliot Pomade - Hairstyle
David Elliot Pomade - Part
David Elliot Pomade Side
David Elliot Pomade top


As a strong hold product, I expected this to endure the entirety of the day. Given what I did and how much I put this product through, I'd say it did well. Was it super strong to the point where my hair didn't change? No. It obviously gave way to the hustle and tussle, flattening out and getting a bit frizzy, but things were still held in place well. 

David Elliot Pomade Endurance
David Elliot Pomade style
David Elliot Pomade wave
David Elliot Pomade dryness


As a water-based pomade, this is normally not possible. With this product, I was able to minimally fix my hair through the day. This means, putting strays down, or cleaning up certain points of frizziness. It did not mean that I was able to redo my entire style for the day. 


Little to medium hardness. Portions where I applied plenty of the product (front and sides), I felt a moderate amount of hardening, however this hardening wasn't a gel-like or crispy drying out pomade. It's more of a hairspray quality, where things still felt soft, but your hair wasn't going to be moving too much. 


One shampoo and it's gone.


David Elliot's POMADE classic has its redeeming qualities, clean scent (not in my favor though) with good performance in terms of hold, control, and hardness. As a strong hold pomade, it lives up to what is advertised. Is it something that's perfect for my type of hair (thick and wavy)? No, but it's getting there. I see it best used for those with straighter, and finer hair, or those looking for more of a loose, natural combover or parted hairstyle.