Grandad's Water Based Pomade

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After much wait, Grandad's Old Fashioned has come back to us and with atonement. Let's be transparent, Grandad's has offered some of the absolute best pomades on the market, but at the same time, they has some of the worst customer service -- this is according to all the comments and emails I received from my readers. I'm happy to say Grandad's is back, and the owner, Bryce, seems determined to not only revive but also renovate the label. I honestly think we will be seeing better products, better shipping times, and a new take on customer service to match.

We will be looking at the entire line of Grandad's pomades. Yes. Even the oil-based ones that I reviewed years ago because I heard rumors of reformulation's be a really long time. But today, we'll be looking at their newest pomade: Grandad's Water Based Pomade. 


Ever since I first received this pomade, I've been trying to decide how to best describe the smell. But, on the morning on the review, I had a revelation. It smells like that strawberry shortcake ice cream popsicle thing from back in high school or middle school. Think about that and add a little bit of a floral tinge. 


The entire line of Grandad's pomades have been relabeled. It's very different from the previous ones and definitely a more modern version. I'm pretty neutral to both designs, but I do appreciate that this one is proper and clean. 


It's really interesting. This pomade feels like a softer version of O'Douds Water Based Pomade which we usually consider to be one of the wetter and less-stiff water-based pomades currently on the market. It's really easy to scoop out, so be careful that you actually don't scoop too much product. 


Just as it is easy to scoop out, the product is just as smooth going into your hair. As you agitate it in your palms, it should remind you of Anchors Teddy Boy Original or Matte. It turns into a nice and pasty cream which goes into you hair very easily. You won't have any issues here. As a side note, it's already a wet-ish product, so your hair should be fully or at least, mostly dry.


One notch above neutral -- a nice luster.


This is a nice and slick product without be sticky or discomforting. In general, this has been a very strong trait among the new water-based pomades from homebrewers. But, it's relatively uncommon for them to do it in a clean way. Grandad's WB does it and does it well.


To simplify this product, this is a medium-hold and medium-weight pomade. It is a well-balanced pomade. We can appreciate how pomades with limited hold  are crafted cleverly to have just enough hold to form a pomp, but at the same time, withhold themselves in order to allow the hair to take a more natural shape. 


Given all those other characteristics, this makes Grandad's Water Based Pomade also well-balanced in regard to control What we mean to say is that this pomade will give you a general shape while still allowing your hair to be unique. It doesn't overly control your hair, and so, you pomp can take on a nice spherical form. A more general note. You should always use just what you need to style. Anything more and you'll end up with a brick on your head.


As I mentioned in the video, I literally put this pomade through an impossible test. I took this pomade with me on my trip up to San Francisco. Up there, we played ping pong, climbed the rooftops, and of course, embraced the windy city. It did not last. No pomade could have survived this day. If any did, I'd be more disgusted by how overly strong it is. However, I did test this pomade out on a normal day before this review, and yes, it lasted the whole day when it's just your average day of work and studying. ACTUALLY! I just realized this just now as i'm writing the review. This pomade is resilient. It doesn't evaporate from your hair like the other water-based pomades. We should definitely take note of that.


This pomade stays completely soft the entire day and remains present. That allows you to continue to restyle the pomade and make use of it.


Does not harden at all. 


Washes out complete


This is a pomade that everyone needs to try out as part of understand the full repertoire of water-based pomades available to us here. It is extremely well-balanced as a medium in regard to weight and hold. However, the strongest aspect is that this pomade doesn't evaporate and go away like many of the other water-based pomades. This a pomade that is affordable, resilient, and reliable.

If you're interested, we have a promo code THEPOMP that you can use to save on your entire order with Grandad's. You can check out the product by clicking here and continuing on with your exploration of the pomade world.