Grandad's Medium Hold Pomade

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It's been a long time since I've even bothered to use an oil-based pomade, so I figured that if I'm going to be reviewing some again, then I should start from the beginning. This is Grandad's Old Fashioned Medium Hold Pomade, and this pomade right here was one of the first pomades to ever be reviewed on this blog -- before I even started the whole YouTube persona. So, this makes it a very nostalgic experience for me.

Nevertheless, this is a newly formulated product. I still have the original jar of Grandad's, and you'd be able to tell right away that the formula is different. Grandad's Old Fashioned had once been well-known for a full line of wax-heavy yet light-in-feel pomades. Now, the products exude a much greater level of slickness and embodying what we typically considered to be traits of traditional greases. For better or worse, this is the new formula and let's see what we think of it.


The most obvious change is with the new labeling. The entire line has received a face lift, and honestly, I pretty neutral over both labels. Each has its own aesthetic and one could argue both ways. Overall, what I appreciate is that it's clean and consistent. I doesn't look like an amateur did it.


I liked the old scent of Grandad's Medium but that's because I'm super biased in favor of mint aromas for hair pomades. They carried a pleasant scent and feel due to the menthol. This one...has a sweet but light spice. I refrained from looking up the scent just to keep it real with you guys.


The product, initially at least, is kinda tough to the touch. After a bit of push, it quickly gives way. This is even easier in your palms when you start to agitate the product. It turns into a smooth and transparent grease. Note that this is unlike the original formula which maintained a slightly opaque white due to the higher wax content.


Being so greasy and what not, it's really easy to apply. You'll see in the video that it's as easy as applying something like Royal Crown Hair Dressing -- however, this product should not be associated with the horrid performance of RC Hair Dressing.


It's a really nice shine. It's more than I have since I started using solely water-based pomades on the daily. It's far from being too much though. Just look at the pictures.


It's a oil-based, and especially now with the lower wax content, this pomade has become a lot more slick than its predecessor.


The hold is a straight medium but the weight is light. Straight up. This makes allows it to provide a good amount of hold; however, the light characteristic does take away from its performance in the endurance characteristic.


Very good. I's a medium-hold. Lightweight. Oil-based. This is standard, so it performs pretty logically. This all allows us to put our hair just where we want it, and the lightness allows the hair to fight back a little -- giving a more natural shape.


In this scenario, this pomade allowed my pomp to stay strong the entire day. True, this was a light day, but I actually wasn't expecting this product to hold up because it was so light. Nevertheless, shit still looks good. I have worked out at the gym with this pomade, and of course, it won't survive that. Nothing survives that.


Stay soft. The wax kinda breaks down, so you'll lose a bit of hold. However, it's still some good shit to work with.


This pomade stays very clean despite being so greasy. I'm very surprised.


You can wash most of it out in one shower. In video, if you watch the beginning...that's me with two days of build-up. And yes, it looks like nothing.

Build-Up Quality

The very small amount that remains is almost all wax. Good stuff.


This pomade receives my seal of approval and I would highly recommend it. I didn't think I would like this products, since I will always prefer the original formula. Nevertheless, it performed magnificently, and I would be lying to myself to deny the pictures.

If you're interested in checking out the product, we do have a promo code THEPOMP available for any purchase with Grandad's Old Fashioned. Save some money while you're checking it out.