Grandad's Heavy Hold Pomade

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This weekend, we'll be looking at Grandad's Heavy Hold Pomade, which is the one I perceive to be the closest to the original Grandad's Mediumweight formula from a few years ago. The reason why I always bring up that pomade is because it was one of my first and still, one of the best oil-based formulas to have existed. 

This formula, in comparison to the new medium hold formula, is a bit drier and lighter in weight due to the greater consistency of wax. Let's take a look at it.


We've already talked about the new design in the other reviews, but just to recap, they've gone through a huge redesign. The new labels are cleaner and to me, have a Great Gatsby feel to them. Just something about them reminds me of the design aura of the movie (not the book).


The scent is the same one from our review of the original Heavy Hold formula. It most similar to Nolde Forest but without the extra dimensions of mustiness. It's a straight piney spice.


The pomade scoops out like your average oil-based pomade with a little brittleness due to the wax. For a heavy, it's unusually heavy.


Also, it applies much easier than your average heavy oil-based pomade.


The shine is existent but not overly present. It was definitely less than I expected given the application and consistency characteristics of this pomade.


Definitely a very slick pomade. Even more slick than Goon Grease.


At the same time, it's slightly lighter than most other heavy hold pomade.


Nevertheless, I compared this pomade to the original Grandad's Mediumweight because of the well-balanced level of control. The interaction between the strength and slickness lend itself well to be styled. Just check out the video.


In all my other trials of this pomade, it lasts the entire day, but I guess I really put it through the runs today. If you're going through you average day of indoor office work or classes, you'll definitely be fine. My pomp lasted the entire day with this pomade. However, today I sat in the sun for over an hour, which significantly weakened and lightened up the product in my hair. 


Despite basically melting away, it didn't ever get too discomforting.


You can definitely restyle the product throughout the day, but do take into account that you'll lose a lot of the hold during the day if you're spending it in the heat.


Washes out in two showers WITH shampoo.


Overall, I like this pomade and with the exception of the failure due to heat, it performs well. I still think there was a magical aspect to the original formulas from Grandad's, but these new alternatives haven't been a bad replacement. If you're looking for a medium-heavy firm pomade, then I would recommend this one over the Medium Hold Pomade by Grandad's.

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