Grandad's Light Hold Pomade

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Out of the original line of Grandad's Old Fashioned, the Light Weight Pomade was my favorite, so I initially thought it would be pretty nostalgic to use the new Light Hold Pomade. Please note the name change and what that entails by our definition of hold vs. weight. But, with the new line of Grandad's, the change in ingredients source was enough to really change up the formulas. According to Bryce, they used to get their ingredients from a less reputable source and he never measured when cooking. Now, they source higher quality ingredients and approach brewing for technically.

Either way, there was a uniqueness that once existed with Grandad's and let's see whether it persists in their new Light Hold Pomade. 


We've already talked about this in the other Grandad's reviews. The new design work is modern and nice. Even if you don't like the style, you have to admit it's way more professionally done.


The official smell is sandalwood and tobacco. I couldn't smell it during the video review because of my stuffy nose. I usually can't smell smooth kinds of scents when this shit happens.


Unlike the original Light Weight, this pomade scoops out a lot more easily. At the same time, it was clear right away that we would not be getting the same performance with this new Light Hold. It was going to be actually a light hold pomade.


Application was super easy. It's a light hold pomade.


Still just a slight luster. I like it this way, but it's interesting how this change in formula didn't change the shine as much as I would have expected.


Above average slickness. It seems we lost a lot of the waxiness that defined the old Grandad's line while gaining very little slickness. At the same time, this amount of slickness here is good combination to the level of hold.


Very little hold. I would put it in the same category as Lockhart's Light and O'Douds Light.


Overall, the control would have been great if it had some more hold. At the same time, this is a LIGHT hold pomade so that'd go against it's name. On this blog, we are proponents of light pomades. But when we say light, we'll referring to lightweight and not necessary light hold. An optimal light hold pomade should have about medium hold. The control offered by this pomade was very limited -- it works for a pomp but is not optimal.


No lie. I have to be honest with you guys. My pomp didn't even make it out the door. Also, I don't carry a comb with me anymore (because I'm lazy), so that kinda sucked. But whatever. It should have no problem holding down a side part. A pomp, however, is a different story.


It's easy to restyle as in its obviously malleable as an oil-based pomade. However, most of the hold will be gone -- even if there was very little to begin with.


Surprisingly, not too greasy.


I can wash it out in one shower IF I choose to use a lot of shampoo. So, expect it to wash out in two showers or so.

Build-Up Quality

Not a waxy buildup. But neither is it a greasy build-up. It just like...hold your hair together in clumps.


It'd be reckless of me to recommend this pomade to you if you're styling a pompadour. Even with my fine hair, it was still very difficult to use this pomade. HOWEVER! If you're styling a low kind of style like a side part or simple slick back, this might be an optimal pomade for you. 

If you're interested, check it out here and be sure to use our promo code THEPOMP to save some money.