Grandad's Super Heavy Pomade

Video review here or above:

Today, we'll be continuing down the Grandad's and up their offerings of hold. We've reached the top of their list, Super Heavy Hold, and next week we will do go back down to the Light Hold. We've always done the reviews in the order -- not for any good reason. Why not just keep on doing it out of nostalgia.


Same as the other jars. The new line of Grandad's pomades have a new and more cohesive design that's consistent across their entire line. I like it. 


It smells like raspberry yogurt.


It's really effing hard -- definitely the hardest pomade we've used on this blog. 


Despite the candle-like consistency, it applies reasonably. I mean, you'll feel the waxiness, but it's magnitudes less than you'd expect after scooping it out.


None. It's a neutral product.


Slick enough. 


There's a high level of hold with medium weight. 


The high level of hold with medium weight and balanced slickness lends towards good control. 


In the video review, this endurance performed terribly. I honestly don't know what it was because I didn't do anything that day. I do feel responsible to tell you guys that I used this pomade before and it did not fall apart like this. My reasoning is that I used a fraction of the product I usually use in this review.


It's possible but not as easy as other oil-based pomades due to the high content of wax. 


Not at all.

Buildup Quality

Great. It's a wax heavy one. Clean and strong.


Washes out in like two goes.


Overall, given the waxiness of this pomade, I would have expected an even more impenetrable level of hold and resilience throughout the day. It's a great product to work with, but definitely way stronger than I need with my fine hair. I'll pass it onto Harrison to see how a heavy pomade like this fares with his hair.

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