Antler Hair Company Medium Hold Pomade

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Antler Hair Company comes from the UK. The man behind it is Ben. There isn't much else that we knew about the company before deciding to review this pomade. James passed it onto me because his schedule was getting hectic, and I was a bit hesitant as this is a medium hold pomade. This usually does NOT work out for me, due to the weight and waves of my hair. 

As with many oil based products, the first application is rough. There's a need for buildup before the "true" abilities of the pomade can really be seen.  Using the pomade is an easy process. It comes in a standard 4 oz glass jar with a plastic lid. The presentation itself is simple and minimal with sticker labels on the side and on the bottom. 



Inside the jar, you'll see a resemblance to O'Douds light hold pomade. The color, the shine, and the overall aesthetic, comes as a standard, which is expected when the products used in this pomade are conventional ingredients: petroleum, beeswax, and various oils like castor, jojoba, and coconut.


You have three scents to choose from: coconut, lavender, or green apple. I chose lavender, mainly because I love the smell. With this pomade, it wasn't purely a lavender scent. It was definitely lavender in nature, but it leaned more towards a floral cologne with a hint of lavender. Soft to the nose. 




It's easy to scoop out. Easy to rub between the palms, and smooth to the touch. It's a solid medium for sure. 


Given how easy it was to scoop out the jar and how oily it felt, I suspected that the application process was going to be easy as well, and it definitely was. No tugging. Just a smooth process overall. 


With the amount of oil that this product had, it gave off a decent shine. Nothing crazy or overpowering, but as it's advertised, a "low shine."


I'd say the slickness was done well. I applied a generous amount of the medium hold pomade, and at first, I was scared that it'd might weigh down my hair and make it feel heavier than it already was. To my surprise, it's not that bad. No strays were there, and things definitely stayed down throughout the day. 


A solid medium. Nothing beyond what the product is advertised and presented to be. I'm very happy that I wasn't presented any false claims and getting my hopes up to only be hurt and heart broken. 


I would have loved a lot more hold. However, I knew I was dealing with a medium hold pomade, and historically, they have not done what I would have liked. I don't necessarily do a high pomp like James, nor do I go flat out with a combover or executive contour, but it's something in between the two. And with that, I need hold because my hair is both heavy, and wavy. A medium hold wasn't enough to do that, but Antler Hair Company's Medium Hold Pomade did allow for a relaxed, finger combed style. 



It's hard to say that this product had any endurance for me. I just couldn't get it to the style I want in the first place, but with a comb-over, my hair did stay out of my face and to side. Relax fit all day.


It's an oil based product, so restyleability is a given. 


Oily, but not that heavy greasy feeling you would get from something like Goon Grease. It's light and weightless. 


Maybe close to three showers before it's ALL gone. As an oil based product, it's harder to get out with one rinse or two, but for me, I got it out by switching to a water-based product the following day. 

Build-Up Quality

It just gets more oily. Nothing crazy, but the more you use does not correspond to a higher level of strength. 


Antler Hair Company comes from the UK and provides with us its first product, which is a medium hold, oil based pomade. It performs as it's advertised to be, which is not a disappointment in anyway. Did it work well for my type of hair? Not 100%, but I'll definitely be using this if I'm feeling a bit lazy on the weekend and need something to put my hair in place. Overall, I'm content with this experience. I apologize for no "after" pictures, but literally, nothing was different. 

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