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Honestly, I came into this review not expecting too much and ended up being blown away. I'm not a fan of heavy pomades or more specifically, heavyweight pomades. They rarely do one's hair justice because they typically overwhelm the hair and shape it in a very artificial way. However, this pomade is a heavy hold product with a medium-light weight.  It offers very strong and dry hold for optimal volume while remaining clean and absolutely zero greasiness. 


The design work is virtually the same as before the reformulation, but now, it's printed on matte vinyl which looks one hunnid times better. Also, the jar is now an amber glass with metal lid. All in all, the visual improvements are in the right direction.


I still have no idea what the scent is. I mean...I can look it up, but I don't feel like it. The smells is a slightly spicy herbal kind of thing.


No lie. It is really thick and tough. But, unlike some other lower quality heavyweight oil-based pomades like Schmiere, it's not a thick and brittle wax. At the same time, it just a dense grease like Dax Wave and Groom. It gives away like an art clay and when you break it down in your hands, the product gets really dry and waxy.


This will cause you to tug a bit at your hand, but trust me, it will all be worth it in the end. It's not as bad as the cheapest of the cheap. However, the dryness makes it difficult here while later on, you'll be very grateful for it.


Neutral. No shine at all.


Not slick at all in the way that an oily product provides. However, it somehow keeps things all together.


The hold is pretty damn awesome. This is the strongest oil-based pomade I have ever used. The dryness mixed with the waxiness just combines into volume manifested.


Very good control. Definitely more than I need, but at the same time, the lack of greasiness and weight allows my hair to still retain some personality. 


The endurance was acceptable and especially given I had no build-up to work with this morning. I know tomorrow will be effing out of this world with this pomade. 


It's an oil-based, so it'll always be malleable. However, it does lose about 30% of the hold. BUT READ THAT! 30%! We have not seen any pomade at all that will only lose this much hold, and I think it has a lot to do with the dry aspect.


ZERO! Thank you sweet baby Jesus. We have an oil-based that doesn't even feel like an oil-based. If no one had told me it was an oil-based pomade, I might have never even knew.

Build-Up Quality

Waxy as fuh. Strong as fuh. Clean as fuh.


I'd say most people will take about two showers to remove fully.


I love this pomade. Yes. The Pomp has just fallen in love with a heavy, oil-based pomade...because it feels nothing like an oil-based pomade and provide a heavy hold without heavy weight. This is how I imagine a good strong grease to be, but I honestly never thought I would ever get to see it made. It receives my seal of approval, and I would definitely put it on the must-try list of pomades.

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