Shear Revival | The One Who Knocks

Shear Revival | The One Who Knocks

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It was about a year ago that we first reviewed this pomade, and now, we're looking at the new formula. Recently, Shear Revival has gone through a HUGE reformulation of all their products along with updating the scents. I'll be honest. I've mostly ignored their oil-based line initially, but after this reformulation, I've been absolutely blown away by the new oil-based pomades. They are cleaner than anything else I've used and definitely some of the most refined oil-based pomades on the market today. 

In this review, we'll be taking a look at the new The One Who Knocks which is Shear Revival's medium hold pomade.


The same images have been taken from the original jars, but the overall layout and print have been improved. Instead of printing on textured paper, they switched to matte vinyl which looks way better than before. The jars are also now glass instead and plastic. The design work on their pomades are great and the fact that every product is consistent with one another makes it all the better.


I wasn't a fan of the original smell of this pomade. It reminded me too much of the fake flower section in JoAnn's. I like this new one though. To me, it still reminds me a lot of the previous smell but without the bite or sting. It doesn't have that distasteful herbal spicy after-smell.


Very different from the original. After speaking with Zach, I learned that this pomade was inspired by the old Grandad's Old Fashioned Pomade which is no longer available (it's been reformulated). That was one of the best oil-based pomades I've ever used, but TOWK easily tops it now. You can see that the consistency was borrowed but has a cleaner and slightly smoother feel.


Application is very easily. You can still feel a waxiness to the pomade, but it's not thick enough to cause any significant tugging. It is very nice.


Half a notch above neutral. You can probably just tell people that you hair is just healthy. It adds just enough shine to be noticeable but not look artificial. This is also very different from the old formula. I like it.


This stuff is slick but not overly so like what you probably remember from the original. I definitely welcomed it especially after using Music or Misery. You'll in the video how it was able to keep everything together and even after my haircut, that's fucking amazing. I usually get short strays from any sort of pomade but this thing handle it all.


The hold is a definitely a medium and well balance. Many brewers tend to put a little extra hold in their medium in order to satisfy the more basic consumers in the market. It's an easy trick to 'impress' customers. The true challenge to make a true medium that embodies the accolades of a medium THAT IS MEANT to have medium hold. 

I get a solid amount of hold to style my hair, put them strays down, and along with some weight to naturally rest the sides. Please notice my sides. They have NEVER been this tame after a fade or taper haircut. This is the result of a good barber and good product.


It's awesome. Trust. You'll be pleased. Imagine your most ideally balanced oil-based pomade and then remove any sort of greasiness from it.


You'll definitely need to check on your hair every once in a while. This is a true medium, so any sort of significant movement or wind/rain/act of God will take it down. Though, for a medium, you'll continue to have a good amount of volume to work with. It doesn't sag as much as I expected. Weird. Good but just unexpected.


I guess I mentioned this in the last section. It's an oil-based, so you'll obviously be able to work with it continuously throughout the day. However, the nice thing is that I was able to retain a good amount of volume after many restyles. It obviously wasn't as much as in the morning but more than my experience with other mediums.


Very clean. I forget that it's even oil-based. I think this is my favorite characteristic of the new line of oil-based pomades by Shear Revival.


It'll take 2-3 showers to remove.

Build-Up Quality

Similary to Music or Misery, it has a clean waxy component that provides good hold for the next day. However, it is a lot softer and more comfortable.


This pomade receives my seal of approval because it is becoming a rare commodity to find pomade that are truly medium hold products. Also, it is a very clean and refined oil-based pomade among a market that prides itself in its own greasy filth. What I mean is just because you can't make a clean oil-based pomade doesn't mean you actually wanted it to be a greasy mess. Shear Revival has made a super clean oil-based pomade and proved it's possible. There's no longer a need to deal with greasiness. Thank you, Zach.

I would still recommended Shear Revival Music or Misery over this if you had to choose between the two. But if you don't need the super strong hold, then The One Who Knocks will be your best choice. Please support the brewer by buying direct and use our promo code THEPOMP to make it even more affordable.