Shear Revival | Crystal Lake

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I wasn't planning to review this pomade so soon, but I couldn't help it. Everyone's been asking and awaiting the return of Crystal Lake -- Shear Revival's Water Based Pomade. For the past few months, we've seen every single store's inventory run down to zero of this pomade as the label took this product into the backroom to do some redevelopment. This was not too long after it winning Best Water-Based Pomade of 2015 and the People's Pomade of Choice of 2015 here on The Pomp. So, it was a surprise of the outrage that ensued when everyone couldn't buy their favorite pomade.

But now it's back and even better than before. Its jar is better design. The smell is even smoother. The hold is a little more firm. And the endurance packs much more punch than before.


I already like the original design very much. Out of all the jars, this is my favorite because of the color choice and complexity of the scene depicted. The new jars, as I mentioned in the previous reviews, have been upgraded to an amber glass. The labels have also been switched to vinyl matte prints, which I think makes it much cleaner. 


Like the design, I already like the original very much. However, it doesn't mean that I can't like this one more. The herbal sting has been removed, and now, the aroma is super smooth. Very soft in regards to how it feels on your senses.


Huge difference. This pomade is much thicker and more pasty than the predecessor. I can't help but to draw a connection between this pomade and that of Anchors Teddy Boy Original. Both of this are phenomenal products and are at the top of this market.


Despite the new consistency, application is basically the same. 


It's funny how this pomade has more shine than two of the stronger oil-based pomades from this line. The shine is a notch or two above neutral, but definitely less than I remember the original having. I'm fine with that.


The slickness is definitely also less than the original but still present enough to do its job. Crystal Lake probably still qualifies as the slickest water-based pomade from the homebrewing community right now. 


The hold is slightly stiffer than the original. Its predecessor sat at a medium-light while this one takes one baby step towards firm. The important thing is that it doesn't immediately soften or absorb into your hair upon application. This allows to you actually make use of the hold and for longer.


Control is awesome. This still offers some of the best control out of the new water-based pomades. It's balanced characteristics really push it through.


The endurance has definitely been improved remarkably. STILL! You shouldn't expect this to be resilient like a heavyweight pomade or super strong hold gel pomade. It is still generally a medium hold pomade. The change that I noticed is that the pomade actually sits and stays on your hair unlike the original which often was absorbed, evaporated, or poofed-whatever away. By remaining present, it not only improves the endurance but also, restyleability because we have something to work with.


As I just mentioned in the last section, this new Crystal Lake is more resilient. That means there is product to work with and restyle with late into the day.


Never dries.


Washes out in one shower.


Shear Revival does not disappoint. Crystal Lake receives my seal of approval. Damn though. This is bad. I still need to try Elm Street, but every one of their pomade so far has received my seal of approval. I just can't say no though because it would be self-denial to not say I would use any of these pomades (ESPECIALLY CRYSTAL LAKE) on the daily. I still consider Crystal Lake to currently be at the top of the medium-hold water-based pomade niche. It is the perfect pomade for both the experienced user who has been using grease his whole life. At the same time, it can serve as the ideal introductory pomade who someone who's only used gels or Layrite. In short, it is a must try for everyone.