19|Fifties | Union Matte Clay

Video review above or here: https://youtu.be/d9WiRxAWixo

Today, I'm excited to bring you guys a new clay that isn't ridiculously priced like the Baxter Clay, smells way better, and performs just as well. We'll be looking at the Union Matte Clay by 19|Fifties. We took a look at their original back in the day which was good but still your standard run-of-the-mill gel-pomade. So, it's exciting for me to showcase their newest product -- a clay product worth serious notice.


There's a lot of thought that went into this jar, but it's in regard to the label. It comes in the standard white plastic jar, which packs four ounces of goodness versus it's most comparable counterpart (Baxter Clay) that only has two ounces. 


It reminds me of that new Dove Men's line of shower products. It smells almost cologne-like but fresh. Basically, the scent is amazing.


It's like a softer version of Baxter Clay and really similar to the new Shear Revival American Gardens. What I mean is that it's like a soft oil-based pomade except it has the dry grittiness of a clay pomade. 


Super easy. You guys remember the other video reviews of clay pomades. Most other clay pomades are a little uncomfortable to apply because they want to make sure the product can provide a good amount of hold instantly. However, this product is good proof that those two don't necessarily need to go hand-in-hand. Union Matte Clay is super easy to apply as you saw in the video.


It's slight matte. Barely. Honesly, I prefer most pomades to be neutral (no shine and no matte effect). Nevertheless, this product is advertised as a matte clay, and it only takes away a little shine. Not that matte at all.


It provides good texture. This is well balanced with the stickiness of the pomade itself. Baxter Clay played with balancing stickiness versus separation very well, and Union Matte Clay does it just as well (at half the price per ounce).


Surprisingly, despite being soft and easy to apply, it provides a good amount of hold.


The strength tied in with the dryness and texture really makes this product an optimized experience. You should watch the video to really see, but as you can gather from the photos below, Union Matte Clay was a pleasure to work with. This is the best my hair has looked with a clay pomade in a long time.


As I've mentioned before in many other clay product reviews, it's difficult to garner a true understanding or test its endurance. When you style a loose finger-combed pomp, you inherently break and mess up the support -- making it very susceptible to falling apart. But then again, that's the aesthetic right? This pomade actually kept good shape throughout the day. It is drier than Baxter Clay and Shear Revival American Gardens, so it was slightly less resilient.


Actually very good. The Lockhart's Matte Clay and Baxter Clay can harden and prematurely dry out depending on your environment. Unlike them, this product has remained malleable for me every time I've used it. I'm very impressed. Plus, the volume remains available. Thumbs up fosho.


Not at all. My hair still feels good. This and Shear Revival American Gardens seem like the only two clay products that don't suck too much moisture from my hair. 


It is possible to remove it all in one go if you really let the shampoo sit. However, if you're just whatever, it'll take like two showers with shampoo.

Build-Up Quality



I'm happy to say that Union Matte Clay receives my seal of approval. It is a new lab-cooked clay that performs as well as the most expensive products on the market while being one of the most affordable products available (even with shipping). 19|Fifties has created a product that balances stickiness and texture well, and in doing so, they've allowed to create one of the finest loose pompadours you'll every style.