Upcoming Addition to The Pomp

O U R     M E T H O D S

Here at The Pomp, we're always trying to come up with new ways to enhance your experience as pomade users and use our connections to your benefit. To the end, we stand by our honesty to readers and will continue to support to our homebrewing friends around the world. In the meantime, we strive to develop new programs through which both parties can benefit. 

For example, in February of 2015, we introduced the promotions page to help and encourage users to buy directly from homebrewers. In comparison to selling wholesale, this method increases their profit margin and often by double. At the same time, we are able to provide you will a small incentive through the discount code. Though a small step for the market, it has proven to be a big and helpful head start for many of the homebrewers we see today. I intend to continue this program and expand whenever we find a new notable brewer.

U P C O M I N G     A D D I T I O N

At the turn of the year, we will introduce a new pilot program that we hope will continue to support our homebrewers while helping to make these craft pomades more accessible to the general population. By reading this post, you are likely already well aware of what the homebrewing market has to offer. However, the majority of the world does not. We exist within a small niche where we are fully aware that minor differences in pomade can lead to major differences in its performance for you. Thus, we often refrain from using products like Layrite, Suavecito or Murray's. Though they are inexpensive and can get the job done, they are not an optimal embodiment of what we are in search of as pomade connoisseurs. Also, we are not victims of simple-minded advertisement from large lab-cooked companies such as Hanz de Fuko, American Crew, or Mister Pompadour. Though their marketing strategy is something to respect, their products leave a shit load to be desired.

Here at The Pomp, we would like to take the step forward to help introduce homebrewed pomade into the lives of the everyday person. We want to show them that there is a huge market beyond what they see in sponsored YouTube videos and allow them to choose what best fits their lifestyle.

We think this will be possible by using our strong connections and influence to help make pomade affordable for users, financially sustainable for brewers, and more accessible.

 T H A N K     Y O U

Thank you for all your support. It is literally thanks to you that we can do what we do today. Every time you read our article or watch our video, that gives us more influence and we, in turn, use it to give more back to you as our supporters.