Shear Revival | Elm Street

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We're finally wrapping up the reviews for the newly reformulated line of hair pomades by Shear Revival. It's been a great experience since each of them have been absolutely outstanding. The new oil-based pomades are far from greasy and have been turned into fantastic styling waxes. The water-based pomade was thickened to make it all a little more firm. But now, we're looking at the Elm Street which is a light hold oil-based pomade.


Like I said in the other Shear Revival reviews, the new look of the jar is pretty awesome. The simple change from paper labels to matte vinyl has made the jar look even cleaner than before. The design work is clean and minimal, so this matches the feel and is a step in the right direction.


I didn't realize this until after the review, but it smells exactly like the classic Dove soap bar.


Unlike The One Who Knocks and Music or Misery, this pomade is all greasy like one would expect from an oil-based pomade. As you scoop it out, the product gives way very easily. You can feel the oil and flexible stickiness from the hydrogenated castor oil. This product reminds me a lot of the O'Douds Light Pomade.


Very easy to apply. You'll notice that this pomade has a bounce to it. I mean, it's obviously not as much as Tancho, but akin to other hydrogenated castor oil based pomades like O'Douds. You should note that we never see petrolatum-based products with this kind of bounce.


There's definitely a good amount of shine, but even so, it is still moderated. 


Very slick pomade, but like the shine, it is still moderated. As we can expect from Zach, nothing is never allowed to go overboard.


It's advertised as a light hold, and I would definitely say this is a light hold. Right now, Zach's line is one of very few lines where the heavy is a heavy, medium is a medium, and the light is light. Thank you.


The pomade is a light hold with a medium weight. The relatively high oil content make it feel heavier in your hair. Depending on your hair type or how you work, this can play both ways. Overall, the control was alright. This set of characteristics may be better played with a low volume style; however, it should be noted that I can still style a pomp with it.


No surpise. You'll be restyle throughout the day. This a light hold pomade, and Zach really meant it when he labeled it as a light hold pomade. Don't expect this thing to survive any sudden head moves.


Very easy to physically move around, but hard to get back up into a pomp. As the hours pass, the hold drops even lower, and the bounce gets more difficult to control.


Surprisingly, not too bad. 

Build-Up Quality

Definitely different from the build-up we usually get with waxy pomades. It's more soft but kinda sticky.


I'd say 2-3 showers.


It's undoubtedly a good light hold pomade, but I'm still waiting for someone to release a light weight pomade that has a firm but light hold. I think that is ideal light hold that would be versatile across all hair types and most hair styles. Though a true light hold, Shear Revival Elm Street is subordinate to The One Who Knocks and Music or Misery -- two of Zach's other outstanding products. Elm Street is good and is what it advertises itself to be. Nevertheless, I believe there is still a lot more potential to be tapped.

This is of course with my hair type and style. Elm Street may be ideal to what you're styling. If you're interested, you can still use our promo code THEPOMP to save some money off your order.