The Bearded Bastard | Matte Hair Clay

Every once in a while...when the winds of change whisper in my ear, I go out on a limb and agree to review a random pomade. Or at least, one that no one has mentioned within our community. This time is The Bearded Bastard Barbershop Matte Hair Clay, and unlike the previous times, this pomade right here is straight up amazing.

We've been exploring clay pomades and products for some time now. On this blog, we've reviewed Admiral Matte Clay, Lockhart's Matte Clay, Baxter Clay Pomade, 19|Fifties Matte Clay, and Shear Revival American Gardens. These have had their own accolades, which is why I chose to review them for you guys. However, they each had their lackings. Overall, I'm still on the pursuit of the most ideal clay. Outside the blog, I've personally explored Layrite Cement, JS Sloane Caviar Clay, and Hanz de Fuccboi Claymation. Those three are some of the worst products I've used. 

So, the significance of this lucky find is that TBB Matte Clay (we'll call it this for short) is the first one to be a forreal clay. Like, clay is the primary ingredient and it still provides a good amount of hold. 


It's unique. We haven't seen a company use a laser-cut veneer as their label. I recognized it by the scorch marks right away because we use this machine a lot in class for rapid-prototyping of robot components. It's cool to see someone step away from the traditional sticker labels or direct printing. It fits in with the rugged scent and aura they push, along with the steep price. 


To me, this reminds me of when I was in Cancun. The smell of the sand on the beach at the edge of the jungle. To use more common words, it has a sandalwood-dominated aroma with hints of smoke and flora. 


This pomade feels pretty stiff in the jar. It'll remain that way, so I recommend just quickly working your finger on the surface and using the thin layer that you soften up. This is also good because it forces you to only use a little at a time. This is crucial when using any clay pomade.


Unlike the stiffness of the product, it's pretty easy to apply and work with. It has a gritty texture that will provide awesome characteristics later on, but here, it acts as a dry lubricant for your comb and fingers while you work your hair.


It would say its neutral. Maybe even half a notch towards matte, but I always prefer a product to be neutral.


Unlike many of the other clay pomades we've observed, this one is pasty more than sticky. It's kinda like how Play-Do is able to stick to itself. This allows for a remarkable balance between form and texture.


Finally, a clay pomade that is primarily clay. It'll take both skill and experience (that I'm still working to gain) in order to style with this pomade. We've become accustomed to pomades, and so, it's important to approach in a new light. Don't try to overly form your hair, and you'll learn to embrace the level of texture this pomade provides.


I would define this pomade to be a medium-firm in regards to hold, but it's always difficult to put a clay pomade on the normal scale. However, I think control is the best gauge to describe this pomade. It's a like lightweight pomade where it provides you with just enough control to style your hair. It teases you and intentionally allows certain areas to split and fall. You whine and get frustrated, but then you realize, the mess looks fucking beautiful.


As with every other clay, you will need to restyle throughout the day. Nevertheless, for having such a light weight and clean feel, it is pretty sturdy.


I think this is the strongest aspect of TBB Matte Clay. The product stays soft and NEVER makes my hair feel dead or dry. It maintains a pasty feel, which makes it not only possible but a pleasure to restyle. The texture remains just as beautiful at the end of the day as it was in the beginning.


It is dry and clean, but never sucks moisture from your hair in a way that makes it feel shitty.


Washes out in one shower. Worked for me every time so far.


The Bearded Bastard Barbershop Matte Hair Clay receives my seal of approval. This is the best clay pomade I've used up until this point. I hope and expect to continue to see improvements from the market to create products that match or even exceed this one. However, right now, this is the best one. It is a true clay -- not just a dry pomade. It is the first real clay that we can undoubtedly label as a clay pomade. Unfortunately, as with many of the top products, it comes with a very steep price. Nevertheless, I still highly recommend this pomade as a must-try.