Flagship | Strait of Malacca

This week, we'll be checking out the other notable products from Flagship Pomade Company that we haven't visited yet. I wanted to start off strong and check out the one I found most peculiar which is their collaboration with the Borneo Pomade House (BPH) in Malaysia.

Flagship X Borneoil Strait of Malacca is a heavy hold water-based pomade. BPH played a large role in helping Flagship develop Blackship which is considered to be the first heavy water-based pomade. Their intentions with Strait of Malacca was to create another heavy hold water-based pomade but designed to be resilient in a tropical and humid climate -- also, with some shine.


I think the design work here is a huge step forward. I really like the elegance of it and how it still captures the aura of Flagship Pomade Company. I don't know who did what in regard to this design between Flagship and BPH, but I like it.


This pomade is all hemp seed oil infused and what not, so it deeply influences the smell of the pomade as well. Imagine the smell of weed but with less bite and more depth.


This pomade is like a halfway between Flagship Blackship and Grim Grease Medium Water-Based. At the high level, it scoops out like some toothpaste, but on the low level, it feels like wet and gritty paste. You can actually see beads of some kind in the pomade. However, you feel very little of it and the pomade turns to a smooth and grippy paste right quick.


The first application is smooth and easy, but as you apply more and more, you'll notice the grip really start to become more present. This alludes to the hold and styling characteristic you'll experience.


A notch above neutral. This is one of the notable changes from Blackship which had much less shine.


It's slick in performance but not so much visually. This pomade is more sticky than slick. 


The strength is pretty formidable. It doesn't carry an excessive amount of weight that some others have, and this makes it unique. You get a sticky kind of strength that grips hard. I have found this be very strong for me and as it dries, very firm. 


This unique product and its characteristic make it an experience to work with. You have to get used to it because it has such strange characteristics. The results I achieved were absolutely fantastic, but it did take time.


It's been a long time since we've used a pomade here that did a good job sustaining a pomp during the day. It's not perfect -- no pomade has ever been. But, the grip of this pomade really helped to keep it together. Also, it doesn't harden like a gel-pomade, but it does stiffen. This also helps.


I did have to restyle my hair, but it was all good. As the water in the product dries, the product becomes more gritty and slightly easier to work with. The product also doesn't evaporate or disappear over time. This all makes it easier to rework during the day.


The pomade doesn't dry and harden up like a gel-pomade. However, it does stiffen up like a really waxy pomade.


Washes out in one go.


Strait of Malacca by Flagship and Borneoil receives my seal of approval because it was so unique and not what I expected -- all while still being a phenomenal water-based pomade. We are all accustomed to water-based pomades like Blackship. It styles like an oil-based. But Strait of Malacca, it works like someone took Tancho -- dried it up and made it heavy/thick. Because of this, I like it and think it's notable.

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