Flagship | Steel Horse Firm Hold

Today, we'll be continuing down the Flagship pomade line and taking a look at their latest expansion: Steel Horse Supply Co. The original line of products from Flagship are typically vegan and all-natural, and so, I see the new Steel Horse Supply Co. as Wade giving himself a chance to use a wider range of ingredients.

We're looking at Steel Horse Supply Co. Hair Pomade which advertises a medium-firm hold and has lanolin and fragrance oils in its lineup. 


It looks like they've changed from printed on transparent gloss labels to matte vinyl ones. I Think this makes a huge difference and it looks a lot more professional. In regard to Steel Horse specifically, the design work reminds me of those Old Western poster from movies. Very compact and lots of embellishments. I like it.


It smells like an orange creamsicle. 


The pomade is actually very tough and stiff. Despite our past experiences with shea butter, this product is unlike the others. Once you break to the top layer, it's still tough! My suggestion is to just keep pushing and swirling around.


Once you get it out of the jar though, it's easy to breakdown and apply. 


There is a solid amount of shine. We haven't seen shine like this in quite a while. 


Also, the slickest pomade we've used in quite a while.  It really keeps things together well and in a really nice form.


It is definitely a firm hold pomade -- bordering a medium-firm hold. 


The one characteristic that was consistent with many shea butter pomades is the bounce. There is a bounce to the product that forces the user to style a spherical and well-shapened pomp. It doesn't make it easy, but it's the only way to go. The wax helps to moderate it a little, but not much. Nevertheless, the hair looked nice.


Even with the firm hold, the bounce just doesn't let up as much as I thought it would through the day. I have the recurring split due to my last haircut. No pomade has been able to overcome it without fail. This pomade is resilient, but not exceptionally sturdy.


Restying is a breeze. The pomade obviously stays soft and the slight drying of the product makes the bounce just slightly (but significantly) more manageable when recombing.


It's a greasy pomade. We're now looking at more traditional oil-based pomades once again.


Took me about two solid showers to get the product out completely.

Build-up Quality

The build-up is more pasty and clumpy than waxy and strong.


Flagship Steel Horse Firm Hold Pomade is a good oil-based hair pomade but doesn't provide anything exceptional beyond other oil-based pomades we've seen. The smell is nice and the product performs with an uncommon set of characteristics. Nevertheless, for me personally, I rarely use oil-based pomades anymore out of convenience. But, it's hard to deny the advantages that exists when styling with a grease.

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