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This is pretty exciting for all of us. Shear Revival is back from the dead, and not only that, they are packing all reformulated products. All that along with a new clay pomade to put the cherry right on top. Today, we'll be looking at the new Shear Revival American Gardens Styling Clay.

I know Zachary drew a lot of inspiration from the Admiral Matte Clay, which is a light hold water-based clay pomade. But to depart from it, he improved a lot on the deficiencies that exist with the Admiral Clay. Let's go into it.


When I first smelled this pomade, it reminded me exactly of Mountain Dewds. Honestly, one of the best ways to describe it is a citrusy-lime with an herbal spice that smells (or at least, makes your nose feel) like it is sniffing carbonation. Overall, it's pretty cool, and I like it.


As Shear Revival expands their line, I become more accustomed and a fan of their design work. It's really nice and particularly this one is pretty damn nice. American Gardens is based on American Psycho and just overall, it is well designed. I dig it.


It has an awesome consistency. THIS RIGHT HERE is how all clay pomades should feel like. Other clay pomades like Baxter is too thick and greasy. Lockhart's Matte Clay is a little too glue like and when it gets into your hair, stick way too much for comfort. Shear Revival American Gardens is  smooth in the jar and smooth into your hair.


This is a lightweight and medium-light hold pomade. It's smooth into your hair. You do feel the slight dryness of the clay, but as we'll discuss later on, it is still an unusually slick product for a clay pomade. That makes it very easy to apply.


It's unexpectedly a click above neutral for shine. It is not a matte product by any means.


It's probably the slickest clay pomade we'll see. This is unusual for a clay pomade, and the slickness is also kinda sticky. It's a balancing game between stickiness and texture. You want to provide texture on the hair clump level but not on the individual follicle level. So, the game is played between stickiness and texture.


Though the game was well played in American Gardens, I believe more clay can and should be added into the mix. You'll get texture, but I want even more. I WANT MO'! It's still way between than other light clay pomades on the market like Admiral Matte Clay, but I think we can still do more.


It's a light-medium and pushing more towards the light in my opinion.


Overall, the control is limited. BUT! It's important to acknowledgement in the difference in this characteristics in comparison to other pomades. The control we hope to get is one where we can put hair generally where we like, but the texture forces some liveliness into the hairstyle. The control we actually see is similar to what we hope but still lacks in regards to putting things where we want. We understand that Shear Revival typically supports light and medium hold pomades, and I'm a proponent of that. However, I would still want a little more control and texture. Nevertheless, still great.


It's a medium-light hold pomade. We can really expect the pomp to last all day AND honestly, once you finger-combed a pomp, it will absolutely not last the whole day. The foundation just isn't there to keep it all up. Unless, of course, you want to use hair spray, but if you do, I wouldn't understand why you would even bother using pomade in the first place. One of the unique advantages of pomade is your ability to style with it 24/7.


Stays completely malleable and more than that, the oil components get absorbed during the day which makes it drier. As the pomade gets drier, it becomes more pleasurable to work with and actually, provides more hold. Unfortunately, your hair will likely already be accustomed to the shape and will fight against you if you try to get more volume.


The product gets drier over time, but never really dries your hair out which is good. EVERY SINGLE OTHER CLAY POMADE that I have used makes my hair feel like absolute shit at the end of the day. This is the only clay pomade that hasn't.


This one will fight against you to be washed out. I can get 90% of it out in one shampoo rinse.

Build-Up Quality

Either way, the build-up is straight, clean, dry waxiness. The hydrogenate castor oil is usually an easy thing to remove, which in turn, should carry the rest of the oil-soluble products with it. 


Shear Revival American Gardens Styling Clay receives my seal of approval as a highly refined and clean example of a light clay and alternative or any medium-light oil-based pomade. What I mean in the latter is that this pomade can be used in the same function as an oil-based pomade. It'll be cleaner than any oil-based pomade and provide comb lines more striking than any other. At the same time, it is a light clay that provides some texture without drying out your hair or making it look dead. I would HIGHLY recommend adding this clay pomade and allow it to be your gateway into the clay world.

Be sure to use our promo code on American Gardens and any other Shear Revival product you choose to buy. Save yourself some money. If you're reading this review right after it's been published, note that this and the other products will not be released until tomorrow (Monday, December 7th @ 10PM EST) on this website.