The Iron Society Water Soluble Pomade Review

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The Iron Society Water Soluble pomade has been out for a few months now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the original and firm hold pomades from TIS, with both offering their own qualities. For a water soluble / water based product to come from TIS, I expected something that was going to be on par with what they had already offered. My take on this review will be following the guideline that TIS provides for the product, which is applying it to damp hair as a standalone product and applying it as a topper in combination with their oil-based pomades.

The Iron Society Water Soluble - jar

It comes in the conventional TIS glass jar and aluminum screw off top. It’s said to be close to a 4 oz pour, but it’s labeled as a 3.75 oz jar. You get the same labeling, but the only difference is the color way. Instead of black or white, you get an aqua color to the labeling that follows the theme of being water soluble. 

The pomade’s characteristics is similar to Tres Flores Molding pomade both in texture and color. The texture itself is thicker with less of a hint of water in the pomade itself. You get the conventional wet feeling and stickiness. It’s easy to rub throughout the palms and easy to scoop out of the jar, just like most water based pomades. The color is an translucent yellow, which isn’t noticeable until you actually scoop the pomade out of jar.

The Iron Society Water Soluble - inside

The scent of the product is just as it’s advertised – you get that musky, after-rain wood smell. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but the pomade falls in line with it’s oil based counterparts. It has that masculine or bold aroma, but it’s just not as strong with less hints of spice.

With it being easy to scoop out of the jar and easy to spread out your palms, you get a pain-free application when applied on damp hair. Combing it throughout the hair and slicking things down left a few hairs in the comb, but it didn’t tug or pull on my hair.

Surprisingly this water soluble pomade does have a good amount of slickness. This did last throughout the day with very few stray hairs. My hair was held tight, but the pomp itself unfortunately did flatten out.

Shine wasn’t apparent at all. As with most water based pomades, you don’t get a shine due to the lack of oil ingredients. When the product dries out, you get an even more matte look to your hair.

It’s a solid medium. I’ll be testing it throughout the next couple of days to see if it can be pushed even more onto the stronger/heavier hold side.

One thing to note is that my pomp did flatten out when it was applied by alone. As a topper, it added to the strength of the Firm hold pomade.

TIS WB - front.jpg
TIS WB - side
TIS WB - part.jpg

As a word of caution, applying this pomade into damp hair didn’t leave me with desirable results. What you get is a very weak initial hold from the product, creating a very difficult process of styling your hair. As the product and hair started to dry out, I was able to fix it before everything solidified. It did fare well throughout the day, but I knew it was going to flatten given that it was going to be a long day. 

TIS WB - endurance front
TIS WB - endurance side
TIS WB - endurance - part

With water, it’s restyleable at a minimum. You can clean things up with a wet comb, but for me, trying to recreate the pomp to it’s desired height wasn’t successful. You’re left with more strays and an even looser look to your hair.

Quality of Buildup
None since it washes out easily.

The pomade did harden and dry up a bit. It’s no where along the lines of Suavecito though.

As a topper for the Iron Society Firm Hold, it does help in alleviating the buildup you get. For me, this is the case with most water based pomades that I’ve used after using an oil-based product. Since this product does rinse out easily, it helps with eliminating that leftover residue of oiliness from the Firm Hold.

As a standalone product, it did decently. It wasn’t anything that exceeded my expectations. As a topper, the product did perform well in combination with TIS Firm hold as a base layer. I was able to pull out more height in my pomp as well as receive a tighter hold on my hair. Overall, I was only content with what TIS Water soluble did for my hair. I’d definitely use it as a topper, but as a standalone product, I’d be a little more reluctant. Maybe if I had applied it to dry hair or use a greater amount of product, that would have led to a different scenario. However, that would simply mean going through jars faster and faster. 

TIS water soluble with TIS oil-based - front
TIS water soluble with TIS oil-based - side
TIS water soluble with TIS oil-based - part