Rustin Light Hold Pomade Review

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Last week, we looked at Rustin Heavy Hold which turned out to be an awesome heavy oil-based pomade -- not what we expected. Today, we'll be looking at Rustin Light Hold and I'll probably have Harrison review the updated Classic (Medium) Hold formula.

With light oil-based pomades, we've seen two different categories: super-greasy or a light-waxy pomade. An example of a light hold waxy pomade would be Grandad's Lightweight while a super greasy light hold would be Lockhart's Light Hold. Rustin falls more on the greasy side of the spectrum with Lockhart's. Typically, these pomades are only good for cock-tailing, topping, or no-height hairstyles. Let's see how Rustin turns out.


The can design of the Light Hold is a small variation on the Classic and Heavy Hold containers. We see a dark-grayish turquoise color as the background, and this is further repeated in the color of pomade. It's simple. Lots of font variation which can be unaesthetic to the eyes, depending on your mood at the time. Could be better. Could be worse. 


Unlike the other products in the Rustin line, the scent of this pomade is actually really strong. This would be fortunate if you like the scent and do not wear cologne. If you do not like the scent and/or wear cologne, then you and this pomade may have a few compromises to make. Without looking at the official scent (which is Amber Clove), it smells like an old cinnamon. You know when you go to JoAnn's or Michael's and walk into the dried/fake flower section? That's what it smells like. 


If you even look at this pomade, it'll melt in front of you. As soon as you touch this pomade, it will give way and melt. To remove the pomade, I don't even scoop it out. Instead, I just rub it to smear out some pomade. It has a nice softness, without looking like nasty goop (i.e. Royal Crown Hair Dressing).


It is super easy to apply. To be blatant, the oils in this pomade will heavily lube your fingers and make it a breeze to run your hands through your hair.


As with many lightweight pomade, Rustin Light Hold is a very slick pomade. So much so that it almost becomes detrimental to styling a pompadour. Slickness, in combination with solid hold, provides control. Without some good strength, slickness alone makes it very difficult to style anything other than a side part of some form.


The shine is real nice. It's a nice matured sheen that goes well no matter what your style is. If you have a lot of shine, then you've definitely added too much -- I did that the first time.


Very weak. Super weak. To me, the ideal light pomade is a light hold product. That might sound obvious but it actually isn't. A light pomade should still have enough hold to style a pompadour and make it last. It just won't have an absurdly high amount of strength. Unfortunately, Rustin Light Hold Pomade is literally a small step above Royal Crown Hair Dressing and approximately an equal to Lockhart's Light. 


It is a very hard product to control your hair with. The lack of strength and the stickiness of the slickness (mixed with the extra weight of the oils) makes it a very hard product to work with. This following photos are in chronological order. As you can see, my hair falls apart once I tilted my head forward.


I was unsure where this pomade would go from here. I knew the endurance would be poor because at the end of the day, it IS a light pomade. I was having a hard time trying to see where this pomade could fit into my lifestyle. However, during the day when I had to restyle my hair, I saw something nice come out of the product.


Throughout the day, the oils in the pomade where absorbed by my hair. With the quantity of oil reduced, the extra weight was shifted away and the hair was given a lil bit more control. This made it a lot easier to restyle. It had a drier feel with made it manageable.


It'll take 2-3 showers.

Build-Up Quality

It's a relatively greasy build-up.


The benefits of Rustin Light Hold Pomade lie in its potential to be mixed in with other pomades like a strong water-based or heavy oil-based. It can add both shine and malleability to any other pomade that you'd like to mix it with. The other issue is that the scent is strong, so be careful not to make a bad mix.

If you're interested, you can check the pomade out here but don't forget to use my promo code for 10% off. Thank you Based Pomp.