Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade Review

Soft Water Pomade by Baxter of California

Video review above or here:

I came into this review expecting to experience a normal water-based pomade. The Hard Water Pomade was a typical medium-strong hold water-based pomade, and so, I feel right that I expected something similar. However, without a doubt, this pomade right here is not your average pomade and worthy of notice.

If you guys haven’t read my other reviews on Baxter yet, they are a high-end men’s line that provides hair, body, face, and lifestyle products. They’re not whack like American Crew. They are honest in their dedication to men’s products. You’ll commonly find them in boutiques and high-end clothing/lifestyle stores. 

The jar is little different from the rest of the line of hair products from Baxter of California. Even so, it is a beautiful glass jar. Though with only two ounces of products, I believe these products also healthily force users to reconsider how much product they’re using and encourage better habits.


The entire line of hair products from Baxter draws from the same well of fragrance. It is a refreshing citrus scent — not to be mistaken with some of the other immature fruity and sweet smells we’ve come across. Moving beyond the hair products, Baxter of California has THE finest taste and connoisseurship in fragrance. This is best embodied in their candles and collaborative shower products.


It scoops out and feels exactly like Admiral Pomade. That makes it (along with Admiral) the two softest and most easily scoop-able water-based pomades on the market — like fresh jam.


As stated above, this also makes it (and Admiral) the easiest pomade to apply to the hair. The wetness and moistness of the product allows the hands to spread product throughout the hair evenly and comfortably.


It’s slick, especially for a water-based pomade. The ease of use and control offered by this product is exceptional. Watch the video for the best representation and display of this characteristic.


It’ll only last while the product is wet. Sadly, we’ve yet to see a shiny water-based pomade with the exception of Layrite Super Shine which smells like paint thinner.


It is a medium-light. So you can imagine this product as Admiral but without the strong hold. Now, this is why I love this product. The lightness of the hold really emphasizes the amount of control it provides, the indepedence between control and hold, and the natural characteristic of one’s hair. You style your hair, not the product.


It will last the majority of the day. If you’re performing physical activity, then you’ll have a problem. But if you’re just walking around and doing whatever shit, you’ll be fine. The restyleability of this product will make it easy to work with along with the fact that this product doesn’t crust up.


Because this pomade remains soft throughout the whole day, it remains re-workable. You’ll want a source of water, but still…it’s do-able.


As I said, this pomade remains soft. I did not expect this, but the pomade effing remained soft and didn’t crust up. This puts it up there with Anchors Teddy Boy Original and Matte.


Easy to rinse out and doesn’t make my hair all dry like Suavecito.


This product, without a doubt, receives my Seal of Approval. It is just like Admiral Pomade with two exceptions that it doesn’t dry up and is a medium-light in hold. This pomade was super quick to use and provided me with the capabilities to style a beautiful pompadour. I’d highly recommend it. We just found another water-based pomade that doesn’t dry.

For more information on the product, check it out here.