Rustin Heavy Hold Pomade Review

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When I first reviewed Rustin Pomade months ago, it had just released, and the cook was a newcomer to the world of brewing. I usually don't agree to these reviews because there's no way any brewer get its right the first time. Like relationships, a pomade formula is made from a million mistakes, and there are no such thing as a perfect first.  Nevertheless, by recommendation of some more experience brewers, I agreed to the review. I review their one and only product, the Rustin Classic Hold Pomade. It was alright.

Months later now, they released a few new additions and are on their way to release even more. I am proud to say that Rocky Lopez of Rustin Pomade has upped the level of quality present in this line of pomade ten-fold since the last time. The Rustin Heavy Hold Pomade is a remarkable pomade. Let's take a look at it.


There were a few slight updates from last can that make this Heavy Hold Pomade jar a little more visually cohesive and aesthetic. It has one and only one simple paper label on the face. The main distinguishing features between their products are the background color and a word change. It's a simple jar -- nothing amazing and nothing horrendous.


The scent is a welcomed step up from their initial pomade and a nice departure away from other oil-based pomades. Officially, the scent is an oakmoss and sandalwood. The actual smell is slightly on the lighter side, but it does do its description justice. As unfortunate as it may be, it's uncommon to come across oil-based pomades with a kinda-sophisicated masculine scent. I approve.


With a heavy hold oil-based pomade, we know that  we'll be working with a waxy pomade and because of this, a stiff consistency is expected. This actually feels a  lot like O'Douds Heavy, but you'll notice right at the touch that it is no where as greasy. I like that.


This is not as we expected. It literally applies like a medium or light pomade. It's awesome. We've only seen something like this with the highly-regarded Lockhart's Goon Grease. For another heavy hold pomade to (finally) match Goon Grease in application and softness is a welcomed accomplishment. Rustin Heavy Hold Pomade may be a little difficult to get out of the jar, but it's easy to apply and remove from the hair (I'll elaborate later).


This pomade isn't the slickest on the market, but it is plenty slick enough. I only had one or two stray hairs which is something that can be easily fixed if you really want to. The way this pomade feels is clean and dry. At the sacrifice of this feeling and convenience, I would not prioritize a greasy feel to get the slickness up. This pomade is great as it is.


The shine is a small step up from none. It's a level that shows you have product in your hair, but it's nothing obnoxious. I like it.


The hold and raw strength of this pomade is a halfway between what we normally consider to be a medium and heavy pomade. It's far from the heaviest pomade you'll ever use. However, for the experienced user, you'll understand that it has never been all about straight-up holding power. It's about the balance and this one does it well.


This is where it matters. The control this pomade provides is notable. Whether you are trying to style a clean pompadour or a loose hand-combed slick back, know that you are in good hands. This isn't a sticky pomade, so it won't be catchy where you don't expect. At the same time, it's not an overly dry pomade which means excessive separation isn't an issue. You can get your hair where you want.


I decided not to go HAM testing out this aspect today because I've already been doing so over the past two days. This pomade will keep your hair where you want it for the majority of the day. Restyling will likely be necessary, but it does its job.


This consistency and feel of the pomade is pretty consistent throughout the whole day. It doesn't get better or worse during the day.


Unlike many other waxy pomades, we don't experience the settling of the wax. There isn't any hardening at all. 


For some reason, a lot of this pomade actually comes out in the shower AND it doesn't even turn into nasty goop in the shower. You know what I mean? With a lot of waxy pomades, they react to water horribly and end up into turning small particulates. This isn't an issue with Rustin Heavy Hold. You can literally get all of the pomade out in one shower -- two on a bad day.

Build-Up Quality

Honestly, when we talk about getting a nice build-up, it's silver-lining the huge inconvenience of using oil-based pomades. There is very little build-up from this pomade because most of it washes out. Plus, the stuff leftover is all waxy and good shit.


We got a great product here that now ranks up as one of the best heavy hold oil-based pomades I've used. Rustin Heavy Hold Pomade receives The Pomp's Seal of Approval, and I look forward to seeing what Rocky of Rustin Pomade comes up with in the near future.

If you're looking to buy a jar, be sure to use my promo code: THEPOMP on the Rustin Etsy. For more information, check the pomade out here.