Charming Pomade Review

Still to this day, the US has a dominance over oil-based pomades. We've yet to see any other country consistently produce new pomades that can outperform the homebrewed pomade they offer. However, Japan doesn't bother to stay within our confines of how we define or expect an oil-based to be. Starting way back from Tancho Pomade, their oil-based pomades have a unique bounce and jelly-ness to them.  Charming pomade follows down this pedigree.

Today, we'll be looking at Charming Pomade -- a oil-based, hydrophillic pomade. Unlike its partner, Charming Pomade Classic, it is a oil-based pomade that is water-soluble to some extent. 


The design of Charming Pomade is actually a lot better than any of the other Cool Grease pomades. Color-choice, cleanliness, and font choice are definitely on point with this one. Also, the matte-ish print with the feel of a weighty and sturdy's nice.


I don't like it. Thankfully, it's neutral. But still, it smells like baby powder with an herbal hint. I'd say it is akin to a mix between Black & White and Tancho.


Totally different from most of the oil-based pomades we see here in the US. Instead of having a creamy or buttery feel, this pomade feels like a halfway between a water-based Cool Grease product (Red or Blue) and the original Tancho Pomade. I expect this to weird out a few people when they first give it a try.


Unlike a standard, greasy, lightweight pomade, Charming Pomade is a lot stickier. It will grip your hair, and you will feel it. Your average oil-based pomade acts like a lubricant in your hair. For example, Royal Crown is super easy to apply because it's like pouring oil into your hair and just gets everywhere. This one has a little grip which makes it more difficult. However, we'll be thankful for this later.


This shit is pretty slick. It's what we expect from a lighweight, super-oily pomade. Just look at the photos.


The product is shiny as hell, BUT not a shine that blinds like Royal Crown Hair-Dressing.


It doesn't have exceptional or even reasonable hold, but you can get a real nice pompadour if you're having a good day. That's how it is with a lot of lighweight, oil-based pomades. 


The control is above-average when compared to some of the other pomades in this same category. This can be traced back to it's stick and grip we experienced during the application process.


This pomade will maintain its general shape but will lose it any abrupt shaking. It will never really settle, so you'll wanna make sure you have the option to restyle during the day.


Unlike some of the other oil-based pomades we've look at, it doesn't settle and so, restyling isn't easier than initially styling. This is totally okay. I just was hoping for the product to dry somewhat and take out some of the bounce.


Washes out like 90% in the first wash WITH shampoo.


Despite looking and acting like a super greasy pomade, it actually doesn't feel too greasy. I was very thankful for this.


Overall, this product is basically a less greasy version of the original, Tancho Pomade. It is a good lightweight pomade that offers adequate control and slickness but not without sacrificing endurance. For someone looking for light hold and lots of shine (or to replace Royal Crown), this is an option you should look into.

For more information on this product, check it out here.