The Based Pomade - Statement of Purpose

Clayton of O'Douds All Natural and James of The Pomp will be collaborating on a new pomade for the spring season. The exact date of its release has not yet been determined; however, you can expect the time frame to fall between late-April and early-May. The final price will likely fall below $20 USD, not including shipping and handling. Availability is much greater this time around, but the quantity will still be limited. There will be NO domestic wholesalers, and the pomade will be available for purchase via the O'Douds All Natural website.

"With every pomade I collaborate on to create, there is always a reason."

The Based Pomade is both shouzout to the Based lifestyle as originated by Lil B Based God and a satirical slap to the pomade community's obsession over the idea of water-based versus oil-based. Since Layrite first released their water-based pomade to the market, they have engraved into everyone's mind what a water-based pomade is like. They harden. They dry up. They can't be restyled. But, this isn't true. A water-based product of any kind, by definition, is one where water is the main ingredient. It doesn't mean it's water-soluble or has to be a gel-like hair product. It simply means that water based. Similarly, an oil-based product is one where oil (or some other form of it) is the main ingredient. 

There is a huge obsession by the community over whether a product is water-based or oil-based. When the brewer decides to label his or her product, they much be aware that each label comes with a set of prejudices that limit what their new pomade can be. Clayton and I made this pomade to break down these prejudices and force the community to realize what a water-based pomade CAN be -- rather than what it MUST be.  As a truly BASED pomade, this pomade don't give a fuck about what you think it should be. It is what it is.

"Death to the most fly. Praise the most Based."

The Based Pomade builds upon the previous breakthrough made by O'Douds All Natural. O'Douds Water Based Pomade is water-based by technicality. It styles nothing like Layrite, The Daimon Barber, or even Anchors Hair Company. It is in another category of its own.  One scoop will let you style a nice and loose pompadour -- a new favorite of mine lately. Two scoops will give you a light and clean pompadour. Then, with three literally feels like I'm styling with The Pomade. Take the best of the best oil-based pomades and remove the discomfort that results from being overly-greasy. You may choose to develop a waxy build-up with this pomade or you may choose to wash it out completely. It's all up to you. 

We're still in the process of hashing out the final details. Clayton and I even felt the need to meet up in San Francisco to get this formula right. We're now on to finalizing the scent. We've already been through over ten original mixtures created by Clayton. By the time this is all done, we will have looked at about twenty original scents. We're very excited to bring to you this collaboration between the greatest.

"Thank you Based Pomp."